Four tips for avoiding flu if you are not vaccinated


This time it was confirmed, an influenza epidemic was developing throughout France, even making 171 serious cases and 9 deaths. To avoid this disease, the best way is vaccination, but once the injection is done, it takes 15 days for the protection to be effective. So at this stage of the epidemic it's been rather late for vaccines …

Nevertheless, there are still some actions that can protect against disease. The French Public Health Agency has just launched a campaign that will be broadcast until March 3 to remind them.

First, you should know that flu is transmitted globally in two ways: coughing or sneezing, by our postillons infected with a virus or our hands. To prevent the spread of influenza, the four main steps are to use common sense:

• Throughout the winter, and more than usual, wash your hands with soap and water or with a hydroalkohol solution.

• If you are caught, avoid sneezing in your hands, this is very important. The best way to avoid transmission of the virus is to do it at your elbow.

• Always if you are sick, forget the old handkerchief that is returned every time you use it in your pocket. You may feel comfortable, but the most hygienic, proven, is a disposable network.

• Finally, the last barrier against flu, those who suffer from it must wear a mask even though it is not practiced in France. In Japan, for example, this is a basic hygiene measure that can be learned from kindergarten. This is found in all pharmacies, and to be effective it must be changed every 4 hours.


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