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discount bluetooth headsets and headphones

Bluetooth headsets and headphones often benefit from promotional offers, and this is all the more true on Black Friday occasions. In this period of buying fever, cyber merchants are doubling their offerings, enough to find a great plan that’s perfect for satisfying your music lover’s ear.

Save and take advantage of the latest offers and tips to buy at the best price.

Take advantage of various Black Friday discounts on bluetooth headphones and headphones.

Black Friday 2020: bluetooth headphones and headsets offer

Headphones offer

  • JABRA Elite 75t bluetooth headphones 176.41 €, not 217.02 €
  • Xiaomi Redmi Airdots bluetooth earphones on € 16.97, not € 239.98
  • LAMZIEN bluetooth headphones € 19.99, not € 99.99
  • TWS bluetooth earphones € 29.99, not € 99.99
  • Lenovo LP1 TWS bluetooth earphones on € 16.25 instead of € 25

Bluetooth headset offers

  • PHILIPS SHB3175BK / 00 Bluetooth Headset on € 29.99, not € 49.76
  • JABRA bluetooth headset 73,41 € instead of 101,89 €
  • JBL T460 BT bluetooth headphones € 26.55, not € 49.99
  • MARSHALL MAJOR III Bluetooth headset with € 69.99, not € 99.01
  • SONY WHCH510W Bluetooth headphones on € 44.99, not € 53.02

Will you choose headphones or headphones?

Do you want discreet and versatile headphones or rather an impressive headset? It’s of course a matter of taste. The good news is that we are offering discounts for both of these categories here.

On the headphones side of things, we can no longer count the manufacturers inspired by Apple offering their own alternatives to AirPods. Delivered with a charging box, they provide autonomy for several hours and are continuously enriched with new functions. They allow you to control music playback or even interact with a voice assistant.

There are two types of headphones, namely true wireless, such as Google AirPods or Pixel Buds or wireless. Connected by Bluetooth, it connects with a neck strap, like the Beats Flex.

As for helmets, there are two types: over-ear, covering the entire ear with a large pad of skin. Bose, JBL or Sony are specialists in this area. That on the ear. Smaller, they are simply placed over the ear but do not offer the same level of sound insulation as the previous one.

What criteria should be considered?

Sound quality

Clear! Headphones and earphones are usually equipped with audio drivers for sound management. Some also have bass boosters. Note that in all cases the equalizer app for smartphones will activate a different audio profile depending on the music.

Noise reduction

Headphones and earphones have come a long way in recent years, especially with noise reduction technology. It’s about removing all sound distractions to get the most out of your music. This means that if you walk on the street, you will not hear any sound.

Active noise reduction works with the help of a microphone. Positioned on headphones or headphones, they can record the external sound stream and counter it in real time to cancel it out.

Passive noise reduction works well with headphones over-ear. On the side of the headphones, the rubber end is on the model wireless also blocks external noises, as long as these tips are suitable for your ears. There are usually several sizes available.


Being able to control reading easily is very important. Indeed, one of the main advantages of a pair of headphones or headphones connected via Bluetooth is that there is no need to take out your smartphone. So check whether it is possible, through various movements, to pause the music, restart it, or go to the next or previous song.

If you are a fan of voice assistants, it’s also usually possible to have them formulate your questions.

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