December 1 demonstration in Paris


Some associations that fight AIDS (including Act Up-Paris, AIDES, Treatments Actions, Pari-T, The Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence-Convent of Paname, etc.) Calls to participate in events 1st December in Paris. The appointment is set at 5pm, Place de la République. The motto is "Discrimination + Repression = Contamination". For the signatory association: "The French country is the bed of the AIDS epidemic". "In less than a year, France will host a conference to fill the Global Fund to Combat AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. This important meeting for the continuation of the response to HIV / AIDS has been torn apart by pressure from all activist organizations and movements. this opportunity, the French government will not have anything fun to share, because of the initial assessment of the mandate [en matière de lutte contre le sida, ndlr] this is surprising – this is what we need to draw on the occasion of World AIDS Day, "said non-governmental organizations. They denounce" the increasingly neo-liberal, austeritarian and security orientation of the government, "which" continues to hinder effective access to prevention, screening, care and human rights. This intentional choice is an intrinsic factor in contamination, "they said. Call to parade 1st December 2018 denounced the fate of migrants "who are the first targets of these policies". "In 2017, they accounted for more than a third of all HIV-positive findings, and nearly half were infected in France. Instead of preparing receptions in dignified and humane conditions, the French State preferred to harass, expel, and send back to death. , now in charge of medical procedures for evaluating residency applications for treatment, since then it has been illustrated by multiplying negative opinions for [personnes demandeuses vivant avec le VIH]threaten them by deportation to a country where they cannot access care. Also criticized are policies and actions taken regarding sex workers (such as the criminalization of customers), people who use drugs (access to information and prevention materials is complicated by one of Europe's most repressive, refusal to change French drug policies, etc.), For prisoners (problems of access to care in detention). LGBTphobia, which is considered by signatory NGOs not to be taken into account enough, barriers to rights for trans people, etc., are also mentioned. "The consequences of discriminatory and repressive policies on the dynamics of the epidemic are just as difficult in France as elsewhere in the world," said the protest call. On this occasion, the association requested: means to ensure effective access to all prevention, screening and comprehensive care tools; meaning for all players in battle, and in certain associations, threatened by ideological draining of public funding; the rights and conditions needed for their training for all; real consideration of the needs of the population of the country concerned; universal access to all available treatments.


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