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Designed to help students express their creativity, this free guide is now available in French, German, Spanish and Italian

The Creativity Program for All Apple is now available in French, German, Spanish and Italian at Apple Books. The Free iPad Project Guide is designed to help students develop and express their ideas through music, video, drawing, and photography. They will be available in Swedish and Dutch in spring.

Since the launch of Creativity for All four months ago, teachers and parents in Europe have downloaded Creativity for All resources more than 100,000 times to make classes and assignments more creative, to help students develop new skills and introduce new ways of expressing in class.

Creativity for all is inspired by the successful program, The Code for Everyone, which has been taught in institutions around the world, including hundreds in Europe. Computer programming has changed the global economy and created millions of jobs. Thanks to this program based on Swift, Apple's programming language is accessible, students learn the code and prepare for the profession in the future.

Simon Pile, Anson Primary School Assistant in London, explained, "Creativity is the heart of teaching in Anson Pratama. The Creativity for All program has helped us deepen the teaching of artistic skills. We use several project guides to give our students a richer and more learning experience. complete in all subjects. As a result, we have seen better assimilation of the concepts taught. "

Bring a touch of creativity in all subjects

The Creativity Program for All was developed in collaboration with professionals and educational artists to integrate creative skills naturally into courses that exist in all subjects: literature, mathematics, science, history, human sciences or even programming.

"Creativity for all gives me confidence in several fields of teaching, such as drawing, that I will not discuss without this program," said Zainab Patel, Assistant Principal at Olive Tree Primary School. from Manchester.

Apple and teacher

With 40 years in the education industry, Apple has changed teacher teaching methods and student learning through products, programs and technology that inspire motivation and inspiration in the classroom. With iPad, Mac, and many educational applications available, students benefit from personalized education and technology that they can use to liven up their creative ideas.

Apple Teacher is a free Apple training program that teachers can follow at their own pace to learn how to use Apple products for teaching and learning. Now used by more than 63,000 teachers in Europe, who develop their skills on iPad and Mac to be used in their activities with students. On this day, Apple Teachers became accessible to a large number of teachers thanks to the Italian, Spanish and Swedish versions, which added versions available in English, French and German.

The App Store currently offers more than 200,000 educational applications, including In Class and For Apple School, which gives teachers the ability to create and share assignments, collaborate and see student progress, but also to adjust instruction to their specific needs, all in the same place.

• Creativity for all is now available for download in all countries where Apple Books are available.
• Today at the Apple session at the Apple Store is based on the Creativity for All program. In 2018, in Europe, more than 40,000 students and teachers attend these sessions, which include the introduction of art and design, photography, video and music.
• It's easy and fun to become an Apple Teacher. By using their personal Apple ID, teachers can register and access the Apple Teacher Learning Center, a platform to develop their skills, get badges, and get Apple Teacher status.

Apple revolutionized personal technology by launching Macintosh in 1984. Today, Apple is the most innovative company in the world with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. The four Apple software platforms – iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS – present the perfect experience on all Apple devices and allow users to benefit from leading-edge services, such as the App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay and iCloud. . More than 100,000 Apple employees are committed to creating the best products in the world and leaving a better world.


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