A police car in the intervention projected violently against a post in Charleroi: 3 police and a driver were injured


An accident involving a police vehicle took place this Saturday morning at Jumet (Charleroi). Three police officers and a third party driver were injured. The two vehicles involved were downgraded.

A team from the Jumet police station was sent immediately after a call to report theft at a shop in Jumet. When the patrol arrived at the intersection between Chaussée de Bruxelles (N5) and rue Auguste Delvaux, shouting sirens according to testimony, the Skoda police and the 4th series BMW who entered the intersection crashed violently.

According to our local correspondent, the BMW driver will hear the siren, but the sun will fascinate him and he will not see the police vehicle. The police car was thrown at the signpost.

Firefighters, relief teams, buoys, ambulances and SMUR were sent to the scene. Three police officers were injured and the BMW driver. Both vehicles were damaged.

Traffic is blocked during emergency service interventions.

Picture of Fabian Vanhove


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