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A more beautiful life on Monday, 7 December 2020: summary before episode 4166 [SPOILERS] – News series on TV

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … As Mouss’ escape is preparing, Lola wonders if her fight was lost before. Meanwhile, Boher is stressed on the idea of ​​arousing his disturbing dreams during his confession with the pastor.

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Warning, the following paragraph contains spoilers about the episode Life is more beautiful broadcast Monday night on France 3!

Mouss escape is preparing

Regaining Mila’s trust, Sabrina manages to secretly dig up her belongings. She fell on an internship agreement where her teacher’s address appeared. Meanwhile, Mila decides to suspend their virtual trial session so that Mila stays focused on her mission. Meanwhile, Luna sympathizes with the prison director and finds a place to land the helicopter for Mouss’ escape …

Lola started a new fight

Despite her good intentions, Lola doubts those close to her, who believe that she is investing in ecology to please Noah. The latter criticizes him for stealing his idea from Manon.

Jean-Paul was torn apart

Out of respect for the Orthodox tradition, Jean-Paul had to confess to the priest before marrying Irina. Terror at having to tell her about her nightmare, Jean-Paul gives up on admitting it. He returns to see Samia to be clear with her.

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