Saturday , February 27 2021

A few weeks after being bitten by a cat, he died of rabies

Brit, who was bitten by a cat in Morocco, died Monday, the local government reported.

After being bitten by a cat during a trip to Morocco, a British man died of rabies on Monday, reported La Voix du Nord. Public Health England public health agents take advantage of this case to warn travelers about the risk of contact with animals.

Up to three months incubation period. This death occurred several weeks after the bite occurred in the Sherifian kingdom. Quoted by the health agency, professors and doctors Jimmy Whitworth reminded that symptoms of rabies can intervene for up to three months after contact with infected animals.

The importance of vaccines. But, sometimes, the disease can be stated more quickly. Therefore it is important, after biting, to be quickly supported by getting vaccinated. What is neglected is to do the death toll on Monday. Once on a trip, Public Health England recommends avoiding touching animals. Since 2000, five cases of rabies have been reported in the UK.

Often fatal results. Rabies kills 59,000 people worldwide every year, and presents the Pasteur Institute on its website. This disease affects the nervous system. End neurons cannot control heart or respiratory function. After developing the first symptoms (difficulty swallowing, anxiety, agitation), the results are very often fatal after the coma phase.

A child who died in France in 2017. This disease is often transmitted by dogs but this virus is also present in bats in continental Europe. "No human rabies cases obtained in the metropolitan area of ​​France have been reported since 1924. In 2008, human cases were reported in Guyana probably following the bite of bats," reports the Pasteur Institute. The latest death recorded in France related to this disease is the case of a child 10 years after living in Sri Lanka.

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