5 things you don't know about the all-new Toyota Supra


Sister Z4

Supra was jointly developed with BMW on the platform New Z4. Both have the same mechanism (3 liters, 6 cylinders) and a quick shot on the cockpit image will allow you to find many fine items from the Bavarian brand production …


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Compared to its predecessor, the Supra MKIV was made a myth by the film "Fast and Furious", a new model of distinguishing it from being two tight seats, while the older generation had a small back seat.

Supra Chair

Made in Austria

Like the BMW Z4, Supra was assembled in Austria by Magna-Steyr, at its factory in Graz.

Magna Steyr


The first 90 European customers who ordered their Supra will benefit from a special series called the A90, which is recognized externally with matte gray hue and matte black rim. The interior is decorated with red skin, the most beautiful effect.


Tested by boss

Before commercialization, Supra was tested by Toyota's direct boss, Akio Toyoda, on the Nurburgring circuit. The aim is for the number one manufacturer to validate the technical choices made by Gazoo Racing, Toyota's "performance" branch.

Supra test


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