Saturday , July 24 2021

This new Facebook feature will bring a lot of help

( The use of Facebook Messenger does not have to face the problem of camels, people who are hard to find. Maybe because of typing, one thing was said in the conversation, the friend sent a message to the mother's inbox, and maybe the secret head said she had a secret. Facebook came to solve problems like that Facebook Message messenger & # 39; Unsend & # 39; will be coming soon.

In an interview with techcrunch technology, head of Facebook messenger, Stan Cadnovski said that the Unsand Feature feature. He said users would be given the opportunity to delete unwanted messages in 10 minutes. This feature has been released in Bolivia, Colombia, Lithuania and Poland. When this feature appears in other countries in the world, it has not been clarified.

Chadnovsky said, & # 39; You will get a chance to fix it if you make a mistake & # 39 ;. He said that this feature would not allow anyone to send bad messages and delete them again, and the authorities would watch him.

The first indication of a non-delivery feature was given last month. Some screenshots leak about how this feature works. Some messages sent by Mark Zuckerberg have been deleted, Facebook said.

How does this feature work? You can also delete messages from group chats. But you can delete your message. There are no other people's messages. If you hold the message pressed, the delete button will come. Then you can delete it.

But you won't get away with deleting messages. You can see the messages you deleted, everyone in the group chat. You can face the question of what actually deleted the message.

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