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There is no remorse for the Dharmasena forgiveness

Kumar Dharmasena has made one mistake like that, because New Zealand has lost the World Cup title. England, who won the World Cup, won 6 times from overthrow during the match. And since then, there have been many discussions and criticisms about the mistakes of Dharmasena. The Sri Lankan referee, however, does not regret whether he is wrong. Instead, he received ICC praise for the decision, he said.

To win the day at Lord's, Ben Stokes has no choice to hold down on strike. Also need to be run too. Still need 9 runs in 4 balls. Stokes pushed Dave to stop the runout at the end of the second attempt to push the fourth ball into the midfield. During the dive, the ball goes to the edge of the ball and out of the boundary. Umpire run 6 run and run 2 repeatedly But according to the rules it should be given 5 times.

Criticizing Dharmasena's decision, Simon Taufel, a five-year member of the referee and the cricket sub-committee of MCC cricket MPs, also criticized the decision. According to Article 19.8 of the Act, if the overthrow becomes a limit, then the limit will be added to the bat team and also the batsmen who have completed the process will also be added. If they cross each other before throwing or working hours. That is, they run especially in the runner-up. With the band as a result, England must get 5 runs.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Dharmasena said, "Making decisions by watching TV replays is much easier. Many can say a lot. Seeing Ripley, I was wrong with my decision. But we did not have the opportunity to watch TV replays on the ground and we don't regret it. ICC also commended me for the decision I made. "

But the mistake was not only what Dharmasena had done. Another referee in the match, Marais Erasmus, also told him to score six runs, he said, "The law says that we cannot go to the third referee for a decision. So, I have spoken with the foot referee (Erasmus). I heard what was said other referees through the communication process.They don't even see TV replays, so, thinking of everything, I have made a decision. & # 39;

It must be mentioned that by making one match, the match is super overs. Then England beat England by winning the Super Bowl. However, the difference is 5 if they score 5 runs. In that case, Fair Rashid is used to face the fifth ball, not Stokes, and the work for Kiwi is rather easy.

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