The police beat the board members during the day


Member of the Jamirul Islam City Council. Photo: Ittefaq

9 members of the municipal council of the Municipality of Gopalpur and activists of the Jamirul Islam Awami League (42) were hacked to death by criminals. This event took place around 1pm at the Birapara intersection at Jamirul's house.

Putra Uddin's son from Birpara Mahalla from Jamirul upazila was killed.

Police and local residents said that at around 1am, Jamirul attacked his house at the Birpara crossing and attacked criminals on the way to the mosque. During this time criminals fled with sharp weapons and escaped unharmed. Local residents rescued him and took him to Lalpur Hospital when the doctor in charge stated he died.

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The officer in charge at the Lalpur OC Police Station Nazrul Islam Jewel said, "Who killed or killed him has not been confirmed."

Ittefaq / BAF


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