Monday , August 2 2021

The James Bond pistol sold for two and a half million dollars

‘James Bond’ is a very popular character around the world. This mighty spy has played the silver screen of cinemas since 1982. For those who like to see pictures of detective-mystery or action-thriller moods, Gem Bond is always a ‘special one’.

So far, many of the world’s best stars have been praised for this role. But the best actor of all time is recently deceased actor Shawn Connery. His name also skyrocketed to the top as the best in several surveys.

This time the gun used by James Bond star Shawn Connery was auctioned. And it has made great history. The pistol has sold for the highest price in Hollywood history.

The news has been published in several international media including the Hollywood Reporter. It is said that the film ‘Doctor No’ was released in 1982. Here, Shawn Connery has made a bet as a bond. In the film he is seen using a semi-automatic Walter PP pistol.

That’s what is auctioned after being auctioned. Last Thursday (December 3), the pistol was sold for 256,000 in Beverly Hills, USA.

According to the Julians Auction, the pistol surpassed all previous sales records in Hollywood history at auction.

Sean Connery died on October 31 at the age of 90.

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