Thursday , February 25 2021

The actor (video) tells why he kissed Kajal openly

Srikandi Kajal

South actress Kajal Agarwal There is nothing new about her popularity. Its influence in the industry is also sufficient. Actors of the opposite sex like Ajay Devas in Bollywood have finished.

And he didn't force him to kiss! It was also in public again. His response was criticized. Tiger movie Mega release ceremony & Kabhom & # 39; in the south. The stage is then star-studded. South actress Kajal Ake, with Mike, praises everyone.

In the teaser release ceremony, everyone is on the stage with a smile. Coming to the stage at Kajal's call, the director thanked Srinivas, along with the actors Belamkonda and Mehrin. But suddenly Kandata happened.

Another actor, Chota, extended his hand to thank Naidu. Then the uncomfortable situation is created. Chhota stepped forward and hugged Kajol from the side and kissed. Eyes glowing, Kajol also made. Despite feeling uncomfortable, he took care of himself in a few moments.

After saying disagreement, he said, OK, when it's okay when it's okay. And one of my family. I can smell. & # 39;

Watch the video on the following link …

But posting this video on Kajal's Instagram, it went viral. Many people criticize cigar kisses. This video doesn't take much time to go viral.

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