Tanah's model in Asif's song


Personnel Reporter November 4, Sunday 4:28

Popular singer Asif Akbar is the movie model of Tanaha Tasania Written by Snehashish Ghosh, Mohammad Ali & and & Mimi Rony & # 39; it was in the story A. On Sunday, they participated in songwriting in Gazipur's capital. The video was made by Soumitra Ghosh Imon. Tanah Tasnia said that He also said that the first work with Asif Bhai was to work. Looks really good. Because he has been a fan of the song since I was a kid. This is very special to me. And Asif's brother is a great man. The recording is very good. Hopefully, it will be a better job. Asif Akbar made this month in "Gehen's Song". It's on the editorial board now. He has also dealt with new songs. On the other hand, filmmaker Tanah Tasania has recently made two ads. I talked about many more projects, saying, "I'm talking about project projects."


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