Friday , January 15 2021

Suhana is the most beautiful girl in the world: Shah Rukh Khan

This actor gave Suhana's daughter the most beautiful woman in the world. He recently expressed his strong love for the girl while giving a lecture at the Calcutta International Film Festival.

Shahrukh, at the Calcutta Film Festival, presented an impressive event in the film, in addition to releasing the film & # 39; Zero & # 39;. How he came to the place today, how to evaluate people, why people love him, he talked openly about all & # 39; Raja Khan & # 39;

At this time he revealed his love for Suhana's daughter.

Regarding Sohana, Shahrukh said, "I can expressly say that my child is a little naughty. But in my eyes Suhani is the most beautiful girl in the world. & # 39;

Shahrukh also said, "Suhana has reached this year in 18 years and this is the first time she has covered a magazine cover. She wants to be an actress in the future. But now she is studying at a private school in London.

Time of Bangladesh: 2138 Hours, November 13, 2018


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