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Special Sushmita gift for brother-in-law


In advance: The registry has become, now Suthmita Sen's brother Rajiv Sen, who will be tied with seven bags, will be tied up. Married TV actress Charu Ashopa Already on June 9 both of them had remarried in court. Sari red and gold seemed very fascinated by Charu. Rajiv also fought in the same direction. It is known that Rajiv-Charu will marry in Goa on June 16. In a recent interview, Charu said that 20-25 of our families will be there. First, we decided to date the wedding date in December. But Rajiv said it was too late. So the date has passed. Leaving others, our family was surprised by our decision. We will hold a reception in Mumbai. "Charu said," I have the desire to marry a white dress forever and I have the desire to marry him. Therefore, the marriage decision has been made according to Christian tradition. I will wear a white dress at the wedding. Even with a white start, the colors will gradually mix in marriage. Seven Paks will be held in the Bengali and Rajasthani languages. The theme of the marriage is Rajasthani Rajasthani. Already started shopping for a wedding. There are no jobs at this time. Because after marriage, I want to spend time with Rajib. & # 39;

See this post on Instagram I Charu Asopa took Rajeev Sen as my legitimate husband … ❤️?? #rajakibittu Post shared by charu asopa ♥♥ (@asopacharu) on June 8, 2019 at 9:16 p.m. PDT

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From Charu's social media post, it is known that Sushmita is busy preparing wedding clothes for the bride. Charu shares social media messages with handwritten messages. Sushmita has written, & # 39; Shuru and Rajiv, greetings for marriage. God bless you. Thank you for giving me your wedding arrangements. "Charu also said that Sushmita Sen was lucky to be his sister in a contest in childhood, like the former world-famous former Sushmita Sen. Source: G-News SL / AH

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