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The army is ready to face man-made disasters: Commander of the Army

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Published: 018-11-18 14:45:27 || Update: 018-11-18 14:45:27

Army Commander General Aziz Ahmed said the army was always ready to carry out the responsibility of protecting state sovereignty and dealing with man-made disasters.

Speaking as the main guest in the regiment color parade of eleven Savar Cantonment units on Sunday afternoon, the Army Chief of Staff said this.

Regarding election responsibilities, he said, the responsibility to maintain professionalism in the continuation of past traditions in the interest of holding fair and peaceful elections would be professional.

He further said, "In the general elections in that country next month it will be held. Maybe the army will be recruited. We have done this task in the past too. In light of past traditions with professionalism, we will fulfill those responsibilities correctly. I gave instructions as military commander to ensure that peaceful and fair elections were completed.

General Aziz Ahmed said, "Because of the confidence, caution and correct guidance of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh has been promoted from LDC to the development of the country. For this reason, we can introduce ourselves to foreign countries outside the national borders and that we are members of developing countries. "

The military commander congratulated the Prime Minister on this occasion. He said, "But we must remember that if we have achieved the status that we have achieved in 2024, the progress made in strong fields, including the socio-economic development of the country, must be maintained. As partners of this movement, the army prepares to the task of maintaining a good environment in the country's economic progress.

Given the modernization of the government's vision and 2021 and the 2030 Goal Forces, the military commander highlighted the turbulent progress of the army and the modernization of the army.

The military commander glorified and traditionally carried the eleven flags and took greetings in the parade.

Among other things, the GOC General Ness Infantry Division (Commanding General Officer) and Area Savar Commander Major General Akbar Hossain, Quarter General Lieutenant General Shamsul Haq were present.

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