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Relaxing air on cricket || Janakantha Harian

Published: October 28, 26

Relieved air is in the world of cricket

Gemini Ashraf. The BCB president and anxious cricket player met with Sports Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday and stated their position. Only then the problem will be solved, it is clear that the problem will be solved. The solution finally happened. From Monday to Wednesday night, the cricket wind jitters disappeared. There has been a cold in the cricket squad since the cricket decided to stop the movement and return to the field match. The council owner, the cricketer, the village coach, the field officer, the referee, the cricket player all breathe freely.

For three days, there was no smile on anyone's face. The laughter is gone. The faces of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) cricket players are dirty. They all spread thoughts. Finally, the cricket stopped the cricket movement on Wednesday night and came back to life. Hot winds after cricket on Monday and the BCB president's speech on Tuesday. On Wednesday afternoon, BCB presidents Nazmul Hasan Papan and Naimur Rahman Durjoy and senior cricketers, including Shakib Al Hasan, joined the Prime Minister on behalf of agitation cricket in the afternoon. The rest of the time is just worrying until nightfall. The thought went from head to night. Now the cricket returns to cricket as it is. Today, the camp will begin in preparation for the visit of the national team to India. Starting two days ago today. The third round of the National Cricket League (NCL) will also be played on Saturday. Two days later, NCLO rebuilt the field. As a result, cricket returned to the game. Cricket is a relief.

On Monday, cricket began its protest by raising the request by five points. About 5 cricketers along with wages demanded a strike, the cricket announced. Shakib leads the national team Test and the T20 captain. Until the request is fulfilled, all types of cricket are announced.

Bangladesh Cricket Council (BCB) President Nazmul Hasan Papan on Tuesday called for stern warnings against the demands of cricket players. There is a conspiracy to destroy the country's cricket. Filing a claim like that. Cricketers play, play, not play, or play; He also said. Show anger The cricket remained steadfast in their anger at the BCB president. Stick together.

What problems will be solved on Wednesday? Who will mediate? Such questions arise in the world of cricket. Cricket lovers also watch closely the news of this movement with great interest. That's when President BCB met with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at noon. The BCB President, who met with the Prime Minister in Ganabhaban, said that after getting such news, the solution would be resolved today, and that too began. When the BCB president came out of Ganabhaban and said, "We are ready to accept all the demands of the players." But the BCB president waited for cricket to come to the BCB office at the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium in Mirpur. Crickets are not coming. Then the discomfort returned. Meanwhile, the cricketer also met with the Prime Minister. That became known. Crickets will come to BCB after meeting with the Prime Minister. Such ideas are born. But the cricket players did not do it and gathered at a hotel in Gulshan. Discuss among themselves and hold a press conference.

Barrister Legal Counsel Mustafizur Rahman spoke at the press conference as a spokesman for the cricket players. Add two more claims to the previous 3-point claim. Male and female cricket players must share BCB benefits. Adding to this request, he made a 5-point claim. Then evening and night. As a result, the situation becomes more unstable. The problem hasn't been resolved on Wednesday. However, because the BCB president did not leave the BCB office, the possibility of a meeting between the cricket player and BCB was not lost. When Shakib said at a press conference, 'We want a solution to this problem quickly.' Finally, after the press conference, Shakib went to the BCB office of Gulshan. After a two-hour meeting there, Presidents BCB and Shakib attended a joint press conference. Both said there was a useful discussion. Problem solved Claim has been received. However, a request for a 9-point clause on Monday was discussed. Two more claims were made Wednesday. They will be discussed later.

The first BCB president said, "First of all, I thank the players, they came and discussed. As I said before, all of their claims are almost unbreakable. We received exactly what we received yesterday (Tuesday) at 9 a.m. BCB has nothing to do with the first of 5 claims (with Quab). And finally, the rules of the game in the two franchise leagues – we've said that we have some thoughts of our own. However, if anyone has the opportunity to play in more than one franchise, we will consider. To our knowledge, there are still no players who have been called in more than two franchises. However, I don't want to say anything about this now. "He added," I have received the remaining 5 demands. As I said before, it is possible to accept this claim. We have received it. Among the issues discussed are increased opportunities for players. Remuneration, Benefits, Insurance, Facilities, etc. We have told them that we will not hesitate in this matter. Significantly implementing this. Don't register for 6 months, don't register for 6 months. We will implement it in a very short time.

Shakib said, "It seems to me that the discussion is useful and well done. They have convinced us of the demands we have – will carry out as soon as possible. With this assurance we decided to return to cricket in the national team and the players in the league. They (cricket game NCL) will play NCL starting Saturday. We (cricket players from the national team) will return to the national team camp on the 27th. "He added," Our request is at 5 pm. Those are the things that have been discussed tomorrow (Tuesday). There are no new talks today (Wednesday). Because, only two of them are watching and saying it will take time. They said they would apply the remaining claims as soon as possible. So we decided to play NCL from Saturday and start preparing for the India tour from October 26th. "This movement also stopped with Shakib's statement. Crickets also began returning to the field. The third round of the National League will begin on Saturday at Cox's Bazar, Bogra and Rajshahi. Crickets leave on Thursday to join their respective teams. Those who got the chance to tour India at T20 were in Dhaka. Today they will also take part in the preparatory camp. After three uncomfortable days, everything finally went well. The convenience of cricket has also begun in this book.

Published: October 28, 26

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