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Rape victims give money!


Five people have been arrested in connection with the rape of a housewife's gang (26) at Karnaphuli of Chittagong. They admitted to police that they raped her in a cooking house left in a village on Wednesday night. He was alleged to have been raped when returning the money.

Five people were arrested by Ilias (32), Kamal Uddin (28), Md. Sekandar (33), Jonab Ali aka Chunku (30) and Md. Yunus (25)

Police and related sources say that women who were raped used to rent houses in various parts of the city. With him Karnaphuli Md. A young man named Ilyas (32) was identified. At one time they also called each other as their brothers. The woman had borrowed 800 taka from Elias. He had been raped by a gang when he returned the money.

Police arrested five people after the incident early Thursday after an oral complaint was submitted to the women's police station. Citing the woman's complaint, the police said that the woman, who had gone to the Old Brigghat area on Wednesday at 8pm on Wednesday, went to the area. He wants to return money to Elijah and return it. But Eliyez asks to go for tea at home, and takes the woman to an automatic rickshaw. Bring the Ilias Autorickshaw to the brick kiln. They detained five women from 10 pm to three o'clock and raped her.

Police said the defendant raped the woman. On Thursday morning, all the defendants were arrested in a 16-hour operation at the police station for complaints of gang rape at the police station against unknown defendants.

Police Inspector Karnaphuli (Investigation) Jubayed Syed said that the woman had been questioned for raping five people in addition to a medical examination.

Karnaphuli Thana Officer-in-Charge (OC) Alamgir Mahmud said that five of those arrested had confessed to being involved in the incident. Based on the provisions of article 164, other processes, including recognition, will be completed.

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