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Please stop speculating about my marriage!

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Please stop speculating about my marriage!

Ranbir Kapoor and Alive Bhatt go almost every day with wedding news media. Questions that do not enter at the end of both, do not stop the relationship and when they get married. Recently, everyone speculated about the European tour of Aliya-Ranbir, who had flown to repair the wedding venue.

This time it is said in the news that many people say that in the case of Ali and Deepika Padukone, they like to sit in weddings in Alia Aliya. Ms. Alia Soni Rajadan doesn't care about these words. At the time of marriage, Aliao was angry with himself. He said, "We go to spend holidays like other lovers."

He also said, "Please stop blabbering speculation about my marriage!"

After a few days, Alia-Ranbir will fly with Brahmastra in Germany. There will be a photo promotion. But this year they clearly did not tell that they had no plans to get married. Don't listen to speculation with

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