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Nusrat's love story with the victory of Entertainment

Nusrat Jahan and win Photo: Collected

The popular Kolkata actress Nusrat Jahan is now a member of the Lok Sabha parliament. He already cleaned his wedding. Nikhil Jaina spent her life with her family. The actress was taking a long break because of Kollsba's election and wedding concert. Nusrat returned to acting again after winning the marriage.

Nusrat will play & # 39; Asur & # 39; in a film. Pavel is making a film. Here, across Nusrat, two heroes will win and Abir Chatterjee.

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Pavel said that the picture would be made in the context of sculptor Ramkinkar Baij. Ram Kinkar is a very talented man. People don't know him I want to show the fight of the life of this artist through pictures. Shooting will begin in August. & # 39;

The creator said, & # 39; Asur & # 39; basically a love story. The story of three classmates will be highlighted by Cizan, Bodhi and Aditi. Zit acts in the role of Caijon In the Bodhi role, Abir Chattopadhyay can be seen.

The film will be directed by Nachiketa and Amit-Ishan. Bolpur and Kolkata will shoot. & # 39; Asura & # 39; may be released later this year.

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