Wednesday , August 4 2021

News about Ershad's disease Rumors: Jatiya Party

The Chairman of the Jatiya Party and the news of former President Hussein Muhammad Ershad about the disease has been rumored to be rumored. Ershad was accepted at CMH on Thursday for the eleventh parliamentary election. Jatiya said yesterday that for a routine inspection he was at the Joint Military Hospital (CMH).
Even before the 10th parliamentary election in 2014, Ershad was accepted in CMH with a dramatic & # 39; If the BNP announces a boycott, Ershad, after announcing RAB CMH's participation in the drama, in the second week of December, before announcing that he will not participate in the election. RAB then spoke about his illness, but the Jatiya Party leaders claimed that their chairman was not sick. Ershad was elected as a member of Parliament from the hospital. Later, he was also the special envoy of the Prime Minister. Ershad's wife, Raushan Ershad, became the leader of the opposition party in the Parliament of the Jatiya Party. Later, Ershad said he would talk about taking time & # 39; to talk about taking part in hospital elections. But in five years nothing came out of his mouth. So, there is a lot of buzz about CMH.
Asked about this, Ershad Press and Politics Secretary Sunil Shuva Roy said the news about the disease was & # 39; Pak (Irshad) went to the hospital for a routine check-up. He regularly visits. Doctor Brigadier General, Major General rank Pak doing maintenance. According to the doctor's advice, he had to be hospitalized for various tests. Ershad, who fell ill after this year's election campaign, was also sick. However, he went to the CMH clinic. The Press Party of Jatiya Party has been told, Ershad is in good condition and is in his own house in Baridhara.
Ershad took the nomination for Dhaka-17 constituency
The Jatiya Party has collected nomination papers for the election of the former President and Chair of the Jatiya Party Hussein Muhammad Irsyad in the Dhaka-17 constituency. The Jatiya Party Presidium Member and President of Metropolitan Dhaka North Command Faisal Chisti received an Ershad nomination letter from the office of the Assistant Return Officer in the Kachut area of ​​the capital on Wednesday afternoon.

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