New vocals on LRB!


In winter, the busy schedule of the music group is increasing. Over the past few decades, the teams that have been the busiest time in this period, the LRB is one of them. Not only domestically, they also have to serve abroad.

The situation is different. Founded three months ago, LRB founder and famous guitarist Job Bachchu took time off from Earth. His sudden death stopped LRB activity. But the team will be new again recently. Again, the LRB will walk on stage from the stage, listening to Job Bachchu's songs. A new vocalist named Job Bachchu will replace the old LRB drummer, Romel. In connection with the lights first confirm this problem to senior LRB members, sound managers and engineers Shamim Ahmed.

Pathetic to the sadness of losing Job Bachchu to power in the next three months, LRB will take the stage again. On January 22, they will continue their journey through an event at the Sylhet elite hotel palace. Shamim Ahmed said, "Many people think, the Riyal replaces Job Bachchu? Asking LRB fans, you will never think like this. Bachchu Bhai's place has never met. We will go to fans with his love and care team. This trip will be a Vocal for now, one of our team members is Romel. He will do the work of playing drums and playing drums. "He said Romel might not be able to play drums more often and sing. Immediately join a new artist team.

Job Bacchu's sudden death has become a serious problem at the LRB Concern about how the team will operate on its own. It was heard that Job Bachchu's son, Tajwa, might have brought a team. But that doesn't happen now. The team was also asked to find LRB Vocal through a talent search competition. But there are no signs of the program.

When reminded of this, Shamim Ahmed said, "We are still in the plan. To find out about LRB Vocal through talent exploration contests, sponsoring organizations need cooperation. We have not found a company. I will start by starting. Until then, Romel will play drum and acts as a vocal.

The current LRB lineup includes Rowell (Vocal & Drums), Swap (Base Guitar), Masud (Lead Guitar) and Shamim (Sound Engineer). The main guitarist Masud has been seen as a LRB (Bevvokal) audience with Job Bachchu in various stage performances. The Romel drama will sing LRB songs that start the new year in the new year. This group also fought the same way. But is there a new drum joining? Shamim answered, & # 39; No. The drum will be in Romel.

Guitar witch Job Bachchu died on October 18 last year. Several concerts were held in various state districts in his memory. Three members of LRB and Tajuar, the son of Job Bachchu, participated in several of them. Other artist bands also take part in many concerts. But the new LRB chapter starts from Sylhet on January 22.


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