Monica went to India voluntarily, not kidnapped: Police –


On Wednesday night, after Monika was rescued from the Bhomra border on Tuesday, he said
They were taken to Chittagong.

Additional Commissioner for Metropolitan Chittagong Police (CMP) at a press conference at the office
(Crime and Kidnapping) Amena Begum said, "Monica went to India voluntarily. At our beginning
I think he was kidnapped or trafficked.

"After that
I knew that he had gone to his own will. Those who have made a human chain to find it
Know that Monica is in India. It is possible to get rid of it before we know it
Certainly. "

Barua and his family members in Chittagong and Dhaka demanded Barua's search
Human chain. They complained at that time, law enforcement saved Monica
This activity is not & # 39; satisfactory & # 39;

Officer Amena Begum said, "This is a sensational incident. So since the incident we have
The highest is active. "

After leaving Kumar Mallik, an Indian citizen, to West Bengal, Monica went to the airport
It was told that at the police press conference at the wedding there.

That song
Talking about going to school on April 12, high level Lalkhan Bazar in the city of Chittagong
Monica, 45, who left the house on the street, was told she had not returned
From family.

Debashish Barua's husband, on April 13, was a general diary at the Khulshi police station in the city
Do it. On April 28, it was changed to a case of & # 39; kidnapping & # 39 ;.

From the beginning, there was no problem between husband and wife between them. How, why, why
He did not understand that Monica had disappeared.

Mother's daughter teaches songs at the Little Jewels School at Katalganj of Monika Nagar. His daughter is great
In 11th grade in city colleges and younger girls fell in eighth grade.

Police officer Amena Begum said at the conference on November 4, 32 Dhanmondi Dhaka numbers
Kamalesh Kumar Mallik was arrested from the street.

"Is asking
Kamlesh said that he himself took Monika from Benapole on April 12 to Benapole
Leave Then, he enters India without a passport visa. "

It was said that Monika was given a new name in Kolkata, Anamika Mallick. Kamlesh as husband
Mullick's name mentioned there also made an identity card and another card for Monika
Finished. They went to the temple and they were not registered even though they were married in religious practice.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Mizanur Rahman said Monica was in a Kolkata apartment
After getting information, arrangements were made to bring them to & # 39; Bhaumara Border & # 39; on Tuesday. Previous
From there, the police took him to Chittagong and then came to Chittagong.

What is the key?
Manikaka was returned to the country without papers, he did not make it clear
Police officer.

Additional Chittagong Metropolitan Police Commissioner of Police
Kamruzzaman was present at the press conference.


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