Saturday , June 19 2021

Mika Singh calls Kangana crazy

Popular musician Mika Singh opens his mouth about the peasant movement in India. He tells Kangana in aggressive language that Karan, Hrithik and Ranbir Singh have become soft so you can take Panga. But don’t come here to blow your nose.

This was reported in a report on the Indian Express on Sunday (6 December). It is said that Mika Singh was angry with Kangana for mocking the peasant movement in India.

Mika Singh said, ‘Whether it’s Karan Johar, Hrithik Roshan, Ranbir Singh or anyone else in Bollywood, you have to deal with gentle people like them, but don’t come here sniffing!

Recently, Kangana Ranaut, a face of the agrarian movement, mocked Mahendra Kaur from Punjab as Bilkis Dadi from Shahinbagh, saying, “He was bought for 100 rupees to protest against the agrarian movement.”

Kangana’s remarks sparked a storm of controversy online, with the two Punjab stars protesting at the same time. Meanwhile, singer Mika Singh tweeted about Kangana with such sarcasm.

Mika Singh tweeted, ‘I urge all Punjabi brothers to stay calm. I have no personal grudge against Kangana, she has made a wrong comment. Although he didn’t apologize for it, he deleted the tweet. Our goal is to support the farmers. So we have to reflect on it now. He’s crazy, so let him be like him. And Kangana, you have successfully targeted the soft guys of Bollywood like Karan Johar, Hrithik Roshan, Ranbir Singh, but don’t forget to be here! ‘

Mika Singh’s chirp that attacked Kangana is now going viral online with hurricane speed.

Saada’s intention is to support our farmers, so let’s focus on that. He’s crazy, so let him live his life. Beta @Tokopedia when targeting such gentle people @sexy_sexy_ @Ranveer @tokopedia or any other celeb from Bollywood, you can get away with it, but Puttar ji iss level of mat aao.

– Raja Mika Singh (@MikaSingh) 4 December 2020 Protection Status

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