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Local Software Industry Bucket

Bangladesh – A small country on the world map, everyone likes to dream and like. The huge use of goods technology in this country – whether it is small cellular use or not. Even though technology is not only fancy now – the use of digital satellites in digital Bangladesh has begun. Software technology is an important part of using any technology in everyday life, which is a big industry.

The software industry is not too old in Bangladesh, but in the last 20 years it has developed through many obstacles. If these obstacles are overcome, the garment industry or foreign garment will become a large income sector such as human resources. The main purpose of this article is to identify these obstacles in the local software industry – so that problems can be solved.

1) Obstacles for software companies:

Not invested properly – There is not enough investment in software products / platforms in our country. Said to be the main reason

  • We don't have enough market information.
  • The lack of skilled and high-quality business professionals.
  • Large group companies are reluctant to use the software business for various reasons.
  • Most engineers start startups, which are not efficient in investment management.
  • Lack of bank finance.
  • Above all, software is an integral part.

Lack of skilled and qualified staff:

  • The choice of operators and the creation of IT engineers is usually wrong. Most students who read computer science and engineering want to become software engineers. Lack of knowledge about how to prepare various types of post techniques, read this topic. As a result, students say that they don't get a job. On the other hand, software companies cannot find suitable workers for them.
  • Despite having enough IT companies, the trend of approaching professional software companies is very low due to lack of Establishment.
  • In the absence of an adequate senior software industry, new professionals are afraid to choose this as a career.

Build an uninstalled software / IT company:

  • Unplanned software companies start every day, where no software company starts without special plans in developed countries. These unplanned software companies try to sell all types of products and services – which results in uncontrolled competition in the market, a diversity of prices and consumer confidence at the end of the day. If we cannot get out of this excitement, the software market will be increasingly damaged.
  • Software is a business that cannot be done with a short-term plan. Of course, long-term planning is needed. With that absence we can see companies quickly switching from one type of service to another type of service. That means the first service business plan is not long term. Being a business entrepreneur requires patience and strong morals. Today, when studying their history, which has been seen in the industry for 40-45 years, their mental skills and strength have reached them today.

Software cannot be service oriented to business:

  • Most software companies in the country offer software to several customers during the first few years. But after one year or more, customers will not be able to provide service support. Most software architecture and corporate infrastructure are not ready to provide customer support later, software fails at the end of the day. As a result, customers lose trust in software companies, while software companies blame customers.

Above all, because of the software market barriers, there are many main reasons why services are not oriented. When developing products and marketing, it must be considered for a minimum service of 20 years.

Tekno-Commercial Partnership Software Company:

  • Most of the old software companies in our country consist of business backgrounds and technology companies from new companies, but software companies must make techno-commercial partnerships to develop products, markets, laws, risks, and agreements.

Product Compatibility and not Market Analysis:

  • Local software companies began making and distributing products without analysis of local and international computing. It cannot survive in market competition. Keep in mind that large business companies such as Microsoft, Google, Oracle, and Ultimate Compactor of Software Business Therefore, the software market may not enter business without natural and computational analysis.

Certification is not enough:

  • Because of the lack of quality, security and process certification from local software companies, losing all of these vulnerabilities and most importantly, client integrity has become a daily thing.

2) Clutter from clients:

Enough knowledge about software purchases:

  • Except for some of our domestic client companies, others cannot demonstrate the skills to purchase IT software and services. Because of their lack of awareness and skills, what they buy does not last long This checklist is very different in terms of purchasing Software, Intellectual Property and IT Services, and there is a lot of controversy with software vendors, where there is debate where relations break out, resulting in danger of client data.

Non-Standard Business Processes:

  • Small or medium-sized companies work in non-standard business processes. But when it comes to software, they have to face a lot of complexity in coming to the standard format. Therefore, many clients do not buy standard software with special ordering software, from any team or company – most of the time, updating and maintaining custom software is very difficult and expensive.

Lack of IT knowledge in client companies:

  • The company found that their professionals were very afraid to take software. They think their IT department will be able to weaken their position (many take advantage of this). But not just misunderstanding IT – because of the software system, it will not change anyone's position or responsibility, but it will be very helpful in carrying out its duties.

3) Gap of the Education Industry and Software:

  • Computer science or engineering such as MBBS does not get a guide that will work in any specialization with a degree. Educational institutions must assist in creating skills for their meritorious position.
  • Much training on the market runs publicly and privately, most of which play no role in the software industry. The main reason for this – the curriculum, not made by the needs of software companies, the curriculum is being made Some more constraints were created only because of the lack of practical education

4) Obstacles to trading:

  • None of the trading agencies working in the IT industry in Bangladesh primarily do not work with software. While working at the expo event, market development, raising awareness and working at the policy level is very low and slower.
  • Membership of software companies is not classified at the government and private level. As a result, the government or large companies are threatened to buy e-governance systems from call center service companies.
  • Most trade does not function at the intervals of the internet, e-commerce, and software companies.

5) Government barriers:

  • The government is trying to get state petrochemicals but the classification is very weak and there is no way to make decisions based on recommendations from many trade bodies.
  • Local companies have a much lower priority for government purchases and domestic software is not clear at a high level. As a result, software that must be purchased locally, also comes from another country. It has also been seen that we have been bought from all countries where there is no good diplomatic or trade relations with the state. For this reason, from domestic resources to operations, many things were taken by foreigners, which we did not aim at.
  • In the near future due to lack of experience or negligence, our sophisticated data security may become impossible.
  • This is not a rule that needs to be considered quickly for purchasing, updating, updating and data security for software. As a result, many government systems gradually become inefficient. If all these points are not systematically made, it will be difficult to protect state data.

6) Prevention professionals:

  • Openness of mind: In Bangladesh, good professionals mean higher education abroad and a permanent residence later. A big reason for infrastructure or state security, which I don't think. If the country becomes a bit illiterate, then the country is developed. However, the government must also think about how to make equal domestic work after tertiary education.
  • Don't have to be career-oriented: In terms of learning and skills, there are fewer software industries in terms of careers. Many people don't know when they come to job interviews and come for interviews.
  • Freelancing / Startup / Job – Don't worry about what to do, and don't make a good position in the one above.
  • Technology Lack of Knowledge: Techniques derived from any subject cannot be understood by our professionals.

Finally, business software is one of the most difficult businesses, but for those who have plans, investments, architecture, at one stage, it becomes much easier.

All types of assistance are needed to overcome these obstacles to save and improve the software industry

[প্রকাশিত মতামত লেখকের একান্তই নিজস্ব। প্রিয়.কম লেখকের মতাদর্শ ও লেখার প্রতি শ্রদ্ধাশীল। প্রকাশিত মতামতের সঙ্গে প্রিয়.কম-এর সম্পাদকীয় নীতির মিল না-ও থাকতে পারে।]

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