Tuesday , May 18 2021

Khulna writes about suicide notes, & suicide & # 39;

The police rediscovered the body of a college teacher named Ismatita Mandal (31) in Boyra in the Khulna city area. On Monday night at around 8:30 a.m., his body was found from a neighboring Khulna Medical College rented house. A suicide note was found from the side of the body.

Ismaita Mondal, the victim was a teacher from the Khulna Majid Memorial City College Government Body Study Department. She is the daughter of Ashmani Mandal of Kismat village Phultala Batiaghata upazila.

It is known that Sushmita Mondol's Nurse of the Khulna Medical College Hospital lives in the same house. On Monday night, at eight o'clock, Sushmita returned home and saw the door closed from inside the house. Then, Ishmatya's body was found hanging in front of the fan after breaking down the door in front of people nearby. After receiving the news, the police found the body.

Sonadanga Model Police Station OC Mamtazul Haque said, "It is believed that Ismita committed suicide. A suicide note was found near her body. It was said that no one was responsible for my death. Don't postmortem me. I donated organs to my body, to 250 beds in the hospital. I go with my paisa mother. I don't have the ability to pay the debt. You are your disobedient daughter. Medication B peacefully chooses the path of death. I forgive everyone. & # 39;

The UD case was submitted at Sonadanga in the city.

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