Jatol Chittagong with easy matches is difficult


The target isn't too difficult, it's in front of the Viking Chittagong. To remove strong Dynamites Dhaka, they must print only 140 runs in the table. It started well with Chittagong's goal. But the match lay in the middle of a missing match.

But finally, after reaching the peak of victory safely, a 10-ball storm Robi Fryleng hit Chittagong. Chittagong defeated Dhaka favorites with 3 wickets in the second phase of Dhaka. However, because 10 points even with the same level from Dhaka, the net at the network level, Chittagong is in number two in the table.

In the Chittagong round in rounds in rounds repeatedly to catch runaway. Shughat turned out to be the best catcher of the match after the second ball and Mohammad Shahzad returned. Cameron Dellport did not hesitate to hit the Dynamite bowler even though he lost the goal in the first game.

Shawghat Home and Andre Russell reach the fold with four fours above, and Daleport reaches 32 runs in 3 overs. Only four rounds in 11 balls and 30 rounds in 30 balls, followed by their names. Captain Shakib Al Hasan came to attack the fourth to stop the trip without seeing the road.

First, be blown away directly to shipping shipping shipping shipments to the allrounder allrounder world. But the Chittagong captain Mushfiqur did not feel frustrated. He began his journey with Yasir Ali (15) and Mosaddek Saikat. Failing to score in this match, Dashun Shankar took the storm in the previous match. Only two are used up.

Mushfiq and Mossadake added 32 runs for the fifth goal. When Chittagong seemed to be moving slowly towards victory, Mushfiq immediately lost Mushfiq's goal in the space of six goals. Before the dismissal, 22 walked in 23 balls.

Then, with 5 wickets to win, 45 running in 40 balls must be chittagongera. Mascadek scored 19 points with 15 balls and spinner Naeem Hassan. In the last four overs, 26 runs remain for Chittagong. Shakib Al Hasan took 3 wickets in the previous three overs to bowl in the last round to change the fate of the match.

Shakib came to bowling because of that, he confirmed the job. Naeem Hasan gave his first four ball points straight and bent straight to five. Chittagong's equalizer stood on 26 to 19 running, Robi Fryalink came into the net. Shakib took the goal in the 17th by dipping the last ball and taking Maiden. The bowling figure stood at 4-1-16-4.

In the last 3 overs, the need for 26 runs was made by young Mohar Shaikh on the 18th, only 5 runs from Frailinka and Mosaddek. To win, Chittagong needed 21 runs from 12 balls. In the 19th century, Mosaddek was fired by Rubel.

In the last round, Chittagong won 16 times. Captain Shakib shot 21-year-old Mohar Shaikh Anthar, while all Caribbean Andre Russell remained in the upper one. But mohabar seizes the mohar. Freelancer takes 5, more than the request for the second, fourth, and fifth above. 1 ball and 3 wickets at Chittagong's winning port, the ball falls to Shakib's special bowling. After two wickets on the ball, the team scored 25 runs in 10 balls with only 10 runs in front of the frailink.

Previously, winning the throw first decided to bat, Dynamite captain Shakib Al Hasan. Opener Ronnie Talukdar cannot justify the captain's decision. Robin Farrell was mesmerized above the first half with a direct bowled ball. Returning Sunil Narine, which reflects the destruction on the next, Ferralink returns.

Captain Shakib Al Hasan and South Africa Heino Koon were on their way to take control of the third goal. As soon as Abu Zayed Rahi was attacked, captain Chittagong Mushfiq gave a suitable answer. On the ninth, Haino Kun and Darwish Rasuli beat Dhaka behind, Abu Zayed pushed him back.

However, captain Shakib and batsman goalkeeper Nurul Hasan Sohan turned in the fourth goal. This pair added 39 runs for the match. Mushfiq broke the partnership after attacking part-time bowler Cameron Delport. Daleport sent Shakib 34 the same run to Sohaib and 27 runs from the same ended.

Even so, Andre Russell still hopes for a large collection in Dhaka. But at the end, he was arrested by Shankar's Dashun for a long time, apparently the right-hand robber Khaled Ahmed. Only one run came from his wand.

In the end, the Shuvagat House, which is versatile, carries the collective collection of Dhaka. In the first match of the tournament, Shuvagat, 38 running from 14 balls, played in today's match with 15 runs 29 times. In the round, Dhaka has scored 139 runs.

Daleport takes 3 wickets for Chittagong. Abu Jayed Rahi and Robi Freelink took two goals, one goal was taken in Khaled Ahmed's pocket.



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