If I can speak again


Looks really bad. I can't write anything. Will be involved Having trouble, it's very difficult. Writing with Bulbul cannot be finished. Genius, talented musicians, musicians; There is one in a million. Bulbul will tell me since 1971, "What, I want to sing for you." I used to say, a distant son, will you sing? Bulbul is not polite. I will say to him, & # 39; No, I will sing you. I have made several songs for you. & # 39; While saying this, one day I say, where you listen to your song. When I heard the song, I became haunted. I have never heard a song like that before. Very strange I don't know that so many boys can have so much talent and tone.

The writing and melody, the music is more extraordinary. While singing each song, I thought I saw a picture. The words and tones of the song are so beautiful that each song can be played like the picture before my eyes. I keep this problem inside. And because of that thought, I can sing songs with my soul, sing, sing. Bulbul is also very happy to hear the songs.

My first song with Bulbul was broadcast on BTV. Let's start We have five more songs. After that we sang the song on one of the shows. What else should be said about BTV? BTV does not store all songs. There are many songs on many songs, one does not take me, my child does not take it, on the railroad track, he does not do other people, there is no marriage, no sleep aunt, and many songs including many songs. Bulbul's death cannot be fixed. That can't be said. It seems sad sad

Most importantly, he was a freedom fighter at the age of 15 years. Fighting for a country at a very young age is a big problem. But what do we do to evaluate it? We cannot evaluate talents like Bulbul. At the beginning of last year we sang a photo. I don't remember the song now. Then he was not seen again. There is a desire to meet, but there is no time or opportunity. Feel bad now It seems that once again I can talk to him! It is impossible. I hope for Bulbul's soul peace.


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