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Rangpur won the Sylhet Series with 194 rounds on Saturday, winning 4 wickets. Rossouw, who scored 61 runs in 35 balls, then won the match. The South African batsmen at their fourth FIFA World Cup

But he could have left at the start of the round. Sylhet goalkeeper Zaker Ali left his catch for 1 and 12 matches. Nicholas Puran cannot catch a simple catch 20 times. Run with 16 runs in hand. There are several more times in crisis, for a little.

The wealth of the highest run-getter in the tournament until 349 sincerely recognizes fate's contribution.

"There are a lot of things that come to me now. Today I got good luck at the start of the round. In the first five overs, I was able to go out seven times. The main thing to do is balance the situation and enjoy the good shape. Understand the field of assessment of your game. "

Rousseau was off the road after many dismissals. AB de Villiers is outside. But the next hitter from Rangpur has won the team correctly. Farhad Reza, standing in front of the 24-odd equation in the last two overs, made 18 of 6 balls unbeaten. Rousseau praised his teammate

"There was a great match, a very entertaining match. At the end of the first half, it seems they have scored more than ten matches. But boys are also chasing runaway. Having great team performance. Negative retention will be given to boys. In the end, they have done a good job. "


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