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How much money does the actor take to dance?

( Vicky Trick has debuted in 2015 in the film & # 39; Masan & # 39; Bollywood. After this the actor doesn't have to look back. Now, at an event at Neha Dhupia, he said, "How much money did he take to dance in marriage?"

Vicky came to attend a private channel & # 39; Pink & # 39; accompanied by female hero Tapashi Pannu. Vicky and Tapashi together show & # 39; Manmoriaia & # 39; by Anurag Kashyap. They are two pretty good friends. Today, the story of two friends from two friends, tells stories, and the murder accumulates. There are questions in one round, how much money does he take to pay Vicky, dance in marriage?

Vicky said, who is married depends on his salary. Neha, but that doesn't stop. Asked again, if Neha called and said that Vicky had to come in 10 minutes, what would she do?

Bollywood actor Vicky Tactics Photo: Collected

Vicky says he will definitely come. Neha didn't leave her, and said, & # 39; Bring me to a big businessman, then I'm calling? & # 39;

Vicky said, "Not so far. If someone says, then I still have to dance in marriage.

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