Five G iPhones come in 2020


Good news for fans of the Apple iPhone! Apple brought five phones connected to G in 2020. Apple has suggested that in the next two years, five iPhone Gs will be available on the market.

Already, Lenovo, Motorola and the Oppo Five have announced to bring the phone to the market. Five companies will come on the market next year to connect Android phones.

Apple's technology and security are always preferred for those who use the iPhone, and always have priority over other features. In this case, so they can remain loyal to Apple so that Apple is also told that they will not be left behind with all the other features and new technology.

Intel created five GP chipsets for Apple. They will not depend on Qualcomm. All other cellular companies will use Qualcomm processors for five zeros.

Previously, without fingerprints, three new smartphone models brought to market a surprise from Tim Cook's cooking team. Name – iPhone Eight, iPhone Eight Plus, and iPhone X All three are the previous Apple iPhone Seven series, more sophisticated versions of the iPhone Seven and iPhone Seven Plus smartphones.

Steve Jobs, Apple's flagship campus company located in San Francisco, introduces everyone to a new smartphone at Steve Jobs Theater, CEO Cook's Team.

It is believed that Apple can bring a number of new models to present the five gig technology.

(DhakaTimes / 8 November / AZ)


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