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The 6th edition of BPL starts with runoff. In the first 22 matches, there were no domestic and foreign batsmen who had met. In the Sylhet season, the highest score of 85 runs came from bat Sabbir Rahman Rumman. Finally, English cricketer Laurie Evans hit a hundred in the second round. The 31-year-old beater, who scored the first century against Rajshahi Kings for the first time against Comilla Victoria, in the top 6, 9 fours and 6 sixes remained 104 unbeaten running. In the last edition, there are 3 centuries. Both of them did Chris Gayle and Charles Charles II. In total, total viewers have seen 13 hundreds in 6 appearances. Overall, Gayle's T-20 West Indies veteran was the top scorer. Shahriar Nafees, Mohammad Ashraful and all-round Shabbir Other records in the history of BPL have been made in this century. Evans added 148 runs for the fourth goal with Ryan ten Didchata. The previous pair was 123 times In 2015, Mashrafe Bin Mortaza and Marlon Samuels for Comilla Victory Not only that, this was also the sixth highest BPL partner. On the other hand, Rajshahi Kings got two goals in 172 runs with their highest goal taker on the team also losing 3 goals. In the last 6 matches where their highest team collection was 136 goal 6 goals.
There are no big stars at Rajshahi Kings at BPL at this time. Most young cricketers in this country. And those who are strangers are not too familiar. And under the team leadership, Mehdi Hasan Miraj is the youngest captain. This team shows surprise one after another. In the previous 5 matches, Evans has collected 13 runs overall. Laurie Evans got the chance to play this match, it was surprising. But a big surprise was hidden in Evans's bat. Previously, the British batsman did not have a hundred in 107 T20 matches. However, the 96th turn but the new dimension hasn't added to his career at BPL. This London-born cricketer never had the opportunity to play for the national team. But playing 60 first class and 55 match lists A & # 39;
Rajshahi Kings fought at the Sher-e-Bangla ground in Mirpur yesterday. The Mirpur goal is a big criticism. But in the second phase of Dhaka, the goal went. However, Kingfisher was interested in fighting Raja XI at first. Opener Shahriar Nafees was sacked with 5 runs. Then the captain, Miraz, was forced to swipe. It was a big blow and Marshall spinner Job Liam Dasen was fired. In 7 overs, Rajshahi also lost 3 wickets. It was impossible to see a big score in this match. But there is still much left over from the drama. In such a situation, Kings and Edwards walked towards Evans and Descotta. At the end of 13 overs, Rajshahi's record was 70. Then continue with the start of the movement at high speed. In the 14th match, the Thesera Perera ball completely changed the picture. On top of that, two six in Evans, Descott, then, two leaflets of four wings. Evans hit two six in one at Wahab Riaz Then reached the hundredth century. On the other hand, Dasakaota remains unbeaten with 59 runs from 41 balls with four fours and three six.
& # 39; Grateful for Belief & # 39;
Only 13 runs in five matches in the first BPL match. Still, Rajshahi did not lose the king's trust in Lori Evans. The cricketer has given a big award for that confidence. And at the end of the match, Evans said at a press conference, "I thought I was not fit to get a chance at the team today. I didn't run the previous match. I thanked them, they trusted me. & # 39;
Evans is not in the form of a 108 Twenty20 game before coming to BPL. However, hard work has been done. The batsman, who had not been given a chance on the England team, finally got the result. He said, "After coming here I felt good for the first time in training. At the end of the season I play on APL. Then I rested for a while. We are married. Then I came here, there was no form. It's hard for me to run this goal for me. The quality of cricket is good here. I have to go back to the basic punch, to bring myself to a good place. Today's top ranking is a big thing for that opportunity. Hard work might be a reason to return.

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