Catch miss match, the hero of Farhad's victory


Sports reporter: Sylhet Sixers found a big score on Sabbir Rahman's stick. Mohammad Irfan gave Chris Gayle the goal to destroy the team with the ball at the start. The victory was made by the team. But David Warner's team was disappointed to have missed more than a long time by Riley Rossouw. On the other hand, Waqar Younis students longed to run out of former South African batsman. Meanwhile Alex Hales also had the opportunity to get Coy Pe. In the end, the hosts were given the opportunity to miss the match. But of course, Farhad Reza had to say it separately. The result was Mashrafe Bin Mortaza's team took the fate of the match at the right.
Rangpur won the match with 4 wickets at the Sylhet international stadium. Previously, Sabbir Rahman (85 didn't come out) and Nicholas Puran (47 of 27 balls) hit Sylhet's first inning score of 194 for four goals in 20 overs. After losing the draw, Gayle lost the draw and took advantage of the opportunity to miss Rasoos' chances (61 of 35 balls) and Farhad Reza (6/4 in 18 balls) and 3 wickets in the last round, and Rangpur won 4 goals.
Gautam Gambhir, who was sacked by Mohammad Irfan for the second goal in the round, was arrested by Sabbir Rahman. Then, in the second round, Tasakinera first returned to Riley Rousseau. But Zakir Ali, who shares his simple catch into the goal. After a while, the left arm resists the welfare of the goalkeeper. In the fourth round, Llikichan leaked into the round while Edge Rousseau's side of the ball went behind the goal. But Zakir failed to catch him this time. Sylhet could have returned the former Protea batsmen while living on the rig. But the team missed their easy runout in the sixth ended. After one ball, he comes out in the middle to catch him. When a batsman gets so much in one match, he will open his hand. That was what Rousseau did yesterday. As long as he is in the fold, he takes a storm at the sylhet bowler and takes the side in front. On the way, the left arm took another half century from the current tournament in 31 matches. Meanwhile, Alex Hales returned to the Sabbir catchment at the Kapali border. Brendon McCullum's 63-run partnership with Rossouw broke the ball.
For the first time yesterday, ABD Villiers took BPL at Rangpur Junior. At the ninth ended, the Kapali got four front limits. Then he reached six six in 11 to make Mehdi Hassan runner above. At that time, AB AB was heard loudly in the gallery. At the other end, Rousseau, who has more than one life, plays like him.
Rangpur needs 65 times to win in the last seven overs. At the same time, Rousseau and Villiers last returned to Tasvin's first 14. This increases the tension in the match. But Mohammed Mithun and Nahidul Islam reduced Rangpur's winning margin with two fours in fifth above Mehdi Hasan Rana in fifth place. Farhad Reza contributed 18 times in 6 fours and 1 six, and Rangpur with 3 balls. This resulted in the loss of two consecutive wins in the match, Sylhet.
Earlier, Sabbir Rahman's opener stormed into batting after bowling to Rangpur bowlers. At one stage, the right hand gets 34 minutes and half a century. But at the other end, no one could work with him until old Nicholas. The opening of the Liton returned with 11 runs. Afrid Hossain and David Warner both scored 19 runs. However, with Nicholas Puran taking 78 runs, Sabbir averaged 200 sticks. But Sabbir's turn at the end of the cache failed, his turn was worthless. Who is wrong?
Short score
Sylhet Sixers: 194/4 in 20 overs (Liton 11, Sabbir 85, Aff 19, Warner 19, Old 47 *, Zakir 5 * Nazmul 2-0-18-0, Mashrafe 4-0-31-2, Shafiul 4- 0-43-1 Farhad 3-0-35-0, Nahidul 2-0-16-0, Gazi 2-0-16-0, Gayle 3-0-34-0).
Rangpur Riders: 195/6 in 19.4 overs (Gayle 0, Hales 33, Rousseau 61, De Villiers 34, Gemini 14, Nahidul 19, Mashrafe 5 *, Farhad 18 * Irfan 4-0-34-1, Taskin 4- 0-42-4, Lemichan 4-0-21-0, Rana 4-0-57-0, Alok 3.4-0-34-1)
Results: Rangpur Riders won by 4 wickets.
Match referee: Riley Rousseau


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