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Anmak doesn't want to sit next to Mimi Friendship is messy?

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Updated:19 Jan 2019 09:25 IST

#Mumbai: The Mummy and Ankush couples in Talitown have been good lately! Many directors try to unite them! Visitors like them! Not only on the screen, but also on the screen, chemistry. Ankush is a great friend! But what happened? Friendship trash?

That question came from a recent event. Mimi, Ankush, went to northern Bengal to shoot. Of course, there are two seats too. But don't want to sit next to Mimi Ankush! Asked to change the chair. But why did the villain behave? Surely many questions are rotting?

No, no! There is no point in thinking! Mummy has done & # 39; Leg Pool & # 39; to do this! Actually I tried to sleep. Images posted on Ankush social media! In the caption, & # 39; Please change my seat. & # 39;

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