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Among the two daughters, Lathipeta's wife was a half-yearly stranger

Kulaura Moulvibazar openly went to his wife's house and was raped and tortured by his wife (35). The torture video has become viral through social media.

The incident occurred on May 13 at Upazila Upazila Upazila Upazila Upazila Union. Molaim Khan, son of the late Saral Khan from the village of Ujanapara from the same union, who stabbed the wife of the expatriate.

According to local sources and complaints, the mother of the expatriate wife of the victim was the daughter of three daughters. His eldest daughter was married a few days ago. The woman used to live with her two daughters at home. On Monday, the expatriate's wife returns from the Local Foolet Bazar at the agent bank & # 39; bKash & # 39; bank. At that time, Moleem Khan, following the woman, went to a stranger's house. At that time, he took out the expatriate wife from home and beat her. After that, he began to stereotype hard with the moon half in front of the daughters of the two women. After the beating, Molim Khan left the scene.

On the other hand, Molim Khan claimed that the woman married him and demanded that he beat him with the behavior of his wife. There is ongoing discussion and criticism among locals about this issue.

The tortured woman said, "My father-in-law has died." Bhasu (older brother's brother) lives elsewhere. My husband is a foreigner from Oman and my three daughters. The big girl is married. I live alone with my two daughters. & # 39;

He further said, & # 39; My uncle has a case in court regarding land-related issues. Molim Khan is a close relative of mine. I gave him the responsibility of running a land-related case with his father-in-law's father-in-law. He often visits my house occasionally for this. On March 23, 2015, to handle this case, Moleem came to sign several white stamps (unwritten) on the same date. When I asked, he said that the paper had to be signed for the required documents.

"I put white stamps on paper with simple faith. After some time, Molim sent a picture of my husband about the divorce and paper petition & Court Train & # 39; to the husband on my husband's cellphone. My husband told me about a statement from abroad to me. I asked Molem about this problem. Then, on March 23, 2015, on two stamps on the same date, he deceived me with his signature (Rezin 757) on paper and a court statement & # 39; Marriage Court & # 39; in court about & # 39; Talaknima & # 39; and (Rezin 758) sue his wife. He harassed me several times to accept as a husband and beat me one day. & # 39;

Kemudian Then, on December 20, 017, an application was submitted to the court through a notary for a court marriage and the cancellation of Taluknama through a written statement (Reg No-4824). After all, he keeps teasing me.

He said, on the day of the incident, on Monday afternoon I went to Phultala Bazar and from there we went home with cash from construction. Molem came to my house and chased me and strangled my throat at home. & # 39;

Itu After that, my sari forced me out of the house and took me out of Tenhe's house and started beating me with a stick of wood. At this time, when my girls advanced, they were attacked at Molim. Molaim Khan took a heavy gold chain around my neck. Then my relatives came and rescued me and was treated at the health complex. My whole body was seriously injured. At the police station, I filed a complaint against Molim Khan. I want a fair trial, "said the woman who was tortured.

When contacted, cellphone Molim Khan said, "I have two wives and the woman is my wife. I married her through Court Marage. She divorced her husband before. When he went to his house on the day of the incident, he first attacked me. one stage I defeated him in self-defense All marriage certificates were given to members of the local Fultate mosque Panchayat (Committee) former president Anaruddin and committee members.

When contacted, Anwaruddin, former president of the Fultate Panchayat Mosque (Committee), said, "Nobody said anything related to this problem." I have to know about killing each other.

Sub-Inspector of the Kulaura Rafiqul Islam Police Station confirmed the accusation and said that such inhuman torture of women was undesirable. Molim Khan brutally attacked the woman and tortured her. In cases of rape and assault, the expatriate's wife filed a lawsuit. Legal action will be taken.

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