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Filmmaker Rozina has been in London for a long time. After spending some time in the country, he went to London again on June 24 this year. After returning to Dhaka on November 11 after almost five months. He told about various plans including his own work. Rozina told Manabjamin, I returned to London a few days ago. Now with London, Canada and America have also left. But I like to live in this country. In 2005, Director and Impress telescope Matin Rahman was produced in the film & # 39; Rakshushi & # 39 ;. Ferdous opposed it in this film. Then he can't be seen acting in another film. Meanwhile, Rozina participated in the famous fashion designer fashion show & # 39; Viswarang & # 39; Biplob Saha fashion designer. He also participated in photoshop in the Baishakh fashion house in the past. Rozina, a popular hero of the decade. He is still thinking about the film. So submit a scenario for government funding. In this context, he said, in my own village in Kumarkandandi Goaland of Rajbari. Write a story about the family that surrounds the story of a family injured by Razakar Al-Badr. Name & # 39; Birangana & # 39; We also submitted the image to the Ministry for government funding. But I didn't get a positive response because I couldn't communicate properly. This text is my own writing. However, I did not leave. There is a desire to do the production itself. I thought I would produce a picture again. Asked how much production was produced from the company's own name, he said, I have produced two films called Rozina Films, & # 39; Jeevan Karan & # 39; and & # 39; Dolna & # 39; from my production company. Besides that, I have produced several more photos from my production. He received the National Film Award for production & # 39; Jeevan Dhan & # 39; In 1986, he received the Nigar Award from Pakistan for his performance in & # 39; Hum Same Haa Jamana & # 39; In the film opposite Rozina, Pakistan's popular hero Nadeem has played. Rozina said that, according to the work's acknowledgment, national film awards from various countries, including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, included 15 small and large international awards. I started working on a lot of cheap films. And now many people stay overnight. Rozina's family name, Renu. On the big screen, everyone knows him as Rozina. In 1977, in the film & # 39; Aina & # 39; directed by Mohsin, he came in front of the first audience with the name Shila in a small role. His debut as a hero in the film & # 39; Rajmahal & # 39; directed by F Kabir Chowdhury. After that the name was changed to Rozina. Throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, he was the hero of the demand for dhaliud. Many popular photos were given to the audience for a long time. He returned to the country and kept in touch with everyone and hoped he would continue to advance in the industry. He will go to Goalanda in his village on Sunday. In this context, he said, I would go to a small village house. There will be a place for the mosque to register there. Goingonday will be that. The mosque will be on our land on the street of my village house. This is my dream long ago. There is a desire to do a mosque on behalf of the mother. I have decided, I will start working again.

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