“Cybersecurity” issues high risk alert • Al-Marsad newspaper

[ad_1] Al-Marsad Newspaper: National Cyber ​​Security Guidance Center today (Sunday) issued a high-level warning regarding a number of vulnerabilities in the browser “Chrome” for Windows, Mac, Linux. The center explained that this flaw allows attackers not to verify the validity of user input, and to implement malicious software. The center recommends updating the browser to … Read more

11 strange and amazing fruits that the Arab world does not consume

[ad_1] Citizen – Muhammad Daoud – Jeddah Subheading Dr nutrition consultant Faiza Al-Bishi revealed that there are many strange and strange fruits in some countries in the world that are not consumed in Arab countries. Because they are undesirable and their distribution limits are narrow within the framework of the few countries that cultivate and … Read more

China will soon overtake the United States and the former Soviet Union

[ad_1] On Sunday, the Chinese probe “Changi 5” successfully docked the vehicle, which remains in lunar orbit, after leaving the lunar surface on Thursday, carrying samples from it back to Earth. The tethering is one of the stages of the probe’s ambitious mission to return to Earth with samples from the lunar surface for the … Read more

Hanan Turk makes bread in the kitchen with his two daughters “Maryam and Mona” .. Videos and photos

[ad_1] Mu’tazila star Hanan left viewers with a new video of herself with her twin daughters “Maryam and Mona” through her feature story account on the site “Instagram”, and she appeared during the video preparing bread for them to eat for breakfast, and she also participated in the ending with a picture. their breakfast, attached … Read more

Saudi stock market traders await 4 important events! • Al-Marsad newspaper

[ad_1] Observatory Report: Traders in the local stock market are waiting for 4 important events during this week’s session. Among these events, the commencement of a subscription to the Alkhabeer Diversified Income Fund traded today, in addition to holding an extraordinary general meeting to raise capital in the paper industry, with the right to subscribe … Read more