9 deaths and 1,236 new cases of Corona were recorded

[ad_1] The Ministry of Public Health announced the registration of 1,236 new cases of the Coronavirus “Covid 19”, of which 1,199 cases belonged to local residents and 37 expats, paralleling 9 deaths recorded over the past 24 hours. The ministry pointed out, in its daily report on the progress of “Covid 19”, that the total … Read more

Corona continues its progress in the area … for you, new ones

[ad_1] The Crisis Management Committee in Koura District announced the registration of 22 new positive cases in Koura over the past 24 hours, which were distributed as follows: Anfah 12, Kfarhata 1, Ijdabrin 1, Btouratij 1, Amioun 1, Al Nakhleh and Al Khas Hara 1, Bahboush 1, Aba 1, Rasmasqa 1, in verification 2. The … Read more

Here Shiha reveals the wedding date of her sister Hala and Moez Masoud

[ad_1] Egyptian actress, Hala Shiha, is getting ready to marry Egyptian producer and media, Moez Masoud. This came after the Egyptian actress obtained the legal divorce from her Canadian husband, Youssef Harrison, on 4 October. Egyptian actress Hana Shiha admitted that there was a love story between her sister Hala and Moez Masoud, in the … Read more

Volkswagen announced the launch of a self-driving car

[ad_1] Herbert Deiss cites his hopes for improving the performance of computer chips used in self-driving cars and rapid developments in artificial intelligence. “It is hoped that this system will soon be able to master even the complex situations of autonomous driving,” said Des. Des quit BMW in 2015 to help Volkswagen overcome the diesel … Read more

Ogier France was crowned champion for the seventh time at the World Rally Championship

[ad_1] publication date:06.12.2020 | 13:51 GMT | Last updated:06.12.2020 | 14:12 GMT | Sports AFP MIGUEL MEDINA Follow the RT on French racer Sebastian Augier crowned Toyota’s seventh title at the World Rally Championship, after winning the Italian Monza Rally on Sunday, picking up his forty-ninth win of his career. Augier beat defending champion Ott … Read more

“Apple” provides free maintenance for “iPhone 11” cell phone owners

[ad_1] The most important and latest Saudi news – Saudi Arabia News “Apple” provides free maintenance for owners of the phone “iPhone 11” Agency (Echo): Apple has confirmed the availability of free maintenance for customers with iPhone 11 phones who experience problems with the touch screen. He states that maintenance is free, provided that no … Read more

Following the death of the “elevator doctor” … the dismissal of a number of officials at the Tunisian Ministry of Health

[ad_1] Human Rights Watch criticized the two-year prison sentence for a Tunisian blogger who criticized the public prosecutor for not charging a Tunisian imam who appeared in a video clip confirming the killing of someone who insulted the Prophet Muhammad. The organization said, on Tuesday, that the Court of First Instance in the capital Tunis, … Read more

Geagea threatened to use the International Criminal Court to uncover the circumstances of the Beirut bombing

[ad_1] The destroyed port of Beirut in Lebanon, after the explosion Follow the RT on The head of the “Lebanese Forces” party, Samir Geagea, insisted that “if the local investigation into the Beirut port explosion crimes does not produce clear and convincing results,” he will head to the International Criminal Court. Read more During his … Read more

Android “hugely successful” .. 5 new “cool” features

[ad_1] The “The Verge” site features improved navigation in the Maps service, and benefits from mixing emojis in the Gboard keyboard app, and access to voice access voices, audiobooks for the Google Play app store, and nearby file sharing services. In the Maps service, Google will add a new tab with the name Go so … Read more