The first Burger King restaurant in Latvia opens in Riga

[ad_1] Estonian ferry operator Tallink Grupp, owner of the Burger King franchise in the Baltic, has opened Latvia’s first franchised restaurant in the Akropole shopping center, representatives of Tallink Grupp informed the portal Although the restaurant will officially serve burgers and other popular dishes from Friday, due to pandemic restrictions, the dish will initially … Read more

Renārs Kaupers comments on Covid-19 – Celebrity for the first time

[ad_1] On December 6, Kaupers made a statement on the social network Instagram. Dear friends, sincere greetings! Text messages and attention are messy lately! Renar, is everything all right? How are you? I’m in a hurry to convince everyone. I feel very good, I am healthy and already three days since my quarantine and isolation … Read more

Alexei Borodulin becomes president of Tamro in Latvia

[ad_1] On December 1 this year, changes took place in the management of Tamro Baltics and its subsidiary Tamro Latvija, the leading pharmaceutical and wholesale company in the Baltic States, according to company reports. Aleksejs Borodulins, previously the company’s sales manager in Latvia, has been appointed as President and Wholesale Director of Tamro Latvija. The … Read more

Latvian luge team beat Germany and won bronze in Altenburg – Other sports – – Sports

[ad_1] Relay victories were won by Italy, including Anrea Fetere, Kevin Fisnaller and Patrick Rastner / Ludwig Reeder. The Russian team lost 0.230 seconds to the winners and won silver, while Latvia lost 0.584 seconds to the leaders. The Russian national team is represented in this relay by Tatiana Ivanova, Semyon Pavlichenko and Alexander Denisov … Read more

The Japanese spacecraft capsule ‘Hayabusa2’ with rock samples from the Ryugu asteroid reaches Earth

[ad_1] In the Australian desert area, a capsule with rock samples from the asteroid Ryuku, transported from a long space voyage by the Japanese rover “Hayabusa2”, has made it to Earth, according to the Japan Space Research Agency (JAXA). The content will continue after the advertisement Advertising The tiny capsule, which is only 40 centimeters … Read more

In Latvia, 526 people fell ill with Covid-19 and nine died

[ad_1] 5,822 Covid-19 tests were carried out in the past day, 526 new cases were registered, and nine infected people died, according to information compiled by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC). The content will continue after the advertisement Advertising The deceased represented the following age groups: three between the ages of 65 … Read more

“I fight purely, without lies. I shouldn’t be ashamed of myself.” Conversation with Venus, Leaving “Country Farm” | Show

[ad_1] Just before the last match, “Lauku sēta” was left behind by Venus Ronkauskas, who was previously considered a strong contender for victory. Leaving the game, Venus revealed that she regrets nothing and is not ashamed of anything, because, unlike others, she is playing a fair game. The last week in Lauku sēta was … Read more

40 thousand euros will be invested in the development of the Laima Chocolate Museum

[ad_1] In honor of the seventh anniversary of the Laima Chocolate Museum, which will be celebrated on December 18, Orkla Latvija will invest 40,000 euros in the development and enhancement of the exposition, as well as launching the museum’s new informative website, company representatives informed. The content will continue after the advertisement Advertising “This year … Read more