"Our leader will not rest until he sees the blood"… we published a confession "The gang is flooded to death" Masrawy

[ad_1] “Our leader will not rest until he sees the blood.” We published a confession from “Ghamr Mati Gang”Masrawy-Masrawy Details of the arrest of 6 suspects in the murder of 3 tuk-tuk drivers in DakahliaEgypt today The gang formation controllers specialize in stealing fleas and killing their drivers in DakahliaNews Portal Site After killing the … Read more

Former diplomat: The Arab world is starting to recover its ability to meet challenges

[ad_1] 11:02 Sunday, 01 November 2020 Books – Muhammad Khamis: Ambassador Mohamed Hegazy, the former assistant foreign minister, said that the Arab region is witnessing one of the most important Arab transformations, because Iraq is an important Arab regional power, which shows that restoring the spirit and momentum of relations between Egypt and Iraq will … Read more

After poor screen and connectivity issues … iPhone 12 users are facing new technical issues

[ad_1] After reporting screen issues and poor connectivity to 5G and 4G networks even in areas with strong signals, iPhone 12 users are now facing a huge battery drain. Source: Lara Thabet – Erm News publication date:Sunday December 06 2020 9:08 Greenwich time Renewal date:Sunday December 06 2020 12:20 Greenwich time After reporting screen issues … Read more

Learn about physical fitness tests for students on National Projects

[ad_1] The Ministry of Education and Technical Education describes several guidelines for students who wish to participate in a national project to improve the efficiency of physical fitness for students in schools. The Ministry of Education has provided a registration link to participate in the project, via the following link: http://stud-sportact.emis.gov.eg/. The ministry has published … Read more

Country Echo: Gold price 6-12-2020 today

[ad_1] Gold prices in Egypt have stabilized in early trading today, Sunday, 12/6/2020; After the yellow metal was raised yesterday, Saturday, at the goldsmith’s shop, an average of 2 pounds was given to all the gold coins in the goldsmith’s shop. The price of one gram of 18 carats at the close of the transaction … Read more