Government plans to end mental health programs in Brazil, says newspaper Brazil – Latest News from Brazil

[ad_1] The Minister of Health, Eduardo Pazuello, ordered a portfolio wishing to end mental health programs in Brazil, informed the newspaper (Photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil) The Ministry of Health must repeal about 100 regulations related to mental health in Brazil. Among the actions that can be closed are the programs provided by the … Read more

Police confiscate weapons from PM residing in the community where the girls were killed in Caxias | Rio de Janeiro

[ad_1] The Civil Police confiscated five pistols and five rifles belonging to the PM to carry out an investigation. The police also provided evidence. The two girls are cousins ​​and play on doorsteps in the community of Santo Antônio. Emilly Victoria, who will be 5 months old, was shot in the head. Rebeca Beatriz Rodrigues … Read more

Luxury branding and natural lighting: check out the new CJ Shops details

[ad_1] CJ Shops Jardins, JHSF Group’s new luxury shopping center, opens to the public this Saturday (5), after officially opening on Friday. The project is located in Jardins, an upscale neighborhood in São Paulo, and brings together national and international brands, fine cuisine and open spaces, in addition to being designed to work simultaneously in … Read more

Fittiforce: fans encouraged Pietro Fittipaldi on his F1 debut | esports

[ad_1] All Brazilian Formula One fans are excited about Pietro Fittipaldi’s debut, but certain communities are looking forward to seeing car 51 on the grid: Fittiforce, the virtual legion of driver-following and his younger brother, Enzo Fittipaldi. This mobilization came at the start of the quarantine period, when the brothers decided to approach the world … Read more

China makes its first coupling in lunar orbit

[ad_1] China’s Chang’e 5 spacecraft, which transported samples from the lunar surface to be brought to Earth, managed to connect this Sunday (6) to a module in lunar orbit, a new milestone for China’s space program, the Chinese public press reported. . The maneuver is part of an ambitious mission to bring rock from its … Read more

she fell into a neighbor’s house and went viral on the web

[ad_1] The internet has a new icon: Deise Gouveia. Don’t know To this day, he’s not famous or anything, but now he has more than 30,000 followers after falling awkwardly into the homes of strangers in a community in Rio de Janeiro. It was like this: he was at a party when he decided to … Read more