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Who dances for victory


Pascal Hens is the twelfth "Let & # Dance" relay winner. In the final he won on Friday night against Ella Endlich and Benjamin Piwko. Here you will learn everything about popular RTL shows.

The twelfth season of "Let 's Dance" is on March 15, 2019 with a great introductory program "Let' s Dance – Who dances with who?" starting and ending on June 14 with the grand finale. Here we look back at all the episodes this season.

Episode 12 (June 14): In the grand finale, the three remaining pairs on Friday once again gave everything to finally grab a tiring and tense dance crown and show weeks. As usual, there is only one winner. and the winner in 2019 is Pascal Hens! The former professional handball player knew not only the judges to convince Jorge Gonzalez, Motsi Mabuse and Joachim Llambi in the finals, but also the spectators. Already for his first dance (tango for "Por Una Cabeza" by Carlos Gardel) there was a standing ovation and the maximum possible jury score. Totally worth total victory! And for fellow dancer Ekaterina Leonova, after 2017 with Gil Ofarim and 2018 with Ingolf Lück, by the way, it was the third win in a row.

Meanwhile, in the second place are singers Ella Finally and Valentin Lusin landed. Third is the actor Benjamin Piwko and Isabel Edvardsson.

A glimpse of the final dance performance:

  • actor Benjamin Piwko and Isabel Edvardsson
    Dance Jury: Cha Cha Cha, "Cake By The Ocean", DNCE.
    Favorite dance: Rumba, "Shallow", Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper.
    Freestyle: "Game of Thrones", Medley (film).
  • singer Ella Finally and Valentin Dozen
    Dance Jury: Quickstep, "The Lady Is A Tramp", Frank Sinatra.
    Favorite dance: Samba, "Taki Taki", DJ Snake fest. Selena Gomez.
    Freestyle: "Kill Bill", Medley (film).
  • "Pommes" professional handball player Pascal Hens and Ekaterina Leonova
    Jury Dance: Tango, "Por Una Cabeza", Carlos Gardel.
    Favorite dance: salsa, "Valio La Pena", Marc Anthony.
    Freestyle: "Madagascar", Medley (film).
  • Professional dancer opening: "Sweet Dreams / No Boundaries".
  • Professional dancer special dances with "Special Guests": "Dancing is my life – Dirty Dancing / Flashdance", Medley.

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Episode 11 (June 7): In the semifinals he survives! In addition to two regular individual dances, "Impro Dance Extreme" is also in the program. In the process, dance couples first learn in which live performances they have to dance with which music. Preparation time including changing clothes? Only three minutes! The best package that night was delivered from the jury's perspective Ella Finally with Valentin Lusin from. They got 89 of the possible 90 points. However, the points are significantly less Pascal Hens and partner dance Ekaterina Leonova. His favorite colleague on the overall victory only knew that in the semi-finals it was a bit convincing and only reached 72 points. Ecan Nazan and Polanc Christian get 78 points, Benjamin Piwko and Isabel Edvardsson 74 points. But in the end, once again the audience was the famous "Zünglein an der Waage". Thanks to their calls, Pascal and Ekaterina were allowed to dance in the final next week. Exit is Nazan and Christian.

"Let's Dance"

Why did Ella finally have no chance – and who won

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Episode 10 (May 31): In the popular quarter-finals of the RTL event, the remaining five stars once again try to impress with their skills, charm, and passion. For the first time in the story "Let 's Dance", the Trio Dance is also on the program. Each pair dances next to a regular couple's show next to another professional dance in a threesome. Overall, Ella once again congratulated Valentin Lusin on Friday. The dancer pair comes with a maximum of 60 jury points. The final ranking in the jury rank was given to Evelyn Burdecki with Evgeny Vinokurov (39 points). And the forest queen really left. Evelyn Burdecki is out!

Episode 9 (May 24): In the ninth episode, regular dances begin with the motto "Magic Moments", before two couples have to compete with each other in a direct duel. Benjamin Piwko and his fellow dancer, Isabel Edvardsson, scored very well with 60 of the maximum possible 60 points. They each received 30 points from the judges for their solo dances as well as for their performance in dancing duels against Pascal Hens and Ekaterina Leonova. With 57 points behind him are Nazan Eckes with Christian Polanc and Ella Endlich with Valentin Lusin. On the other hand, Barbara Becker and Massimo Sinato and Evelyn Burdecki and Evgeny Vinokurov both scored 46 fewer points. The event finally had to leave Barbara Becker and Massimo Sinato. They come out!

RTL event

"Let 's Dance": who knows when and who has won

15 photos

Episode 8 (May 17): The candidate field is empty, the fight for the final round is getting narrower and closer. In the eighth episode, Ella Finally with Valentin Lusin (37 jury points), Nazan Eckes with Christian Polanc (34 jury points) and Barbara Becker with Massimo Sinato (34 jury points) sure, Evelyn Burdecki landed with Evgeny Vinokurov eliminated in last place (19 jury points). The forest queen and professional not only scored the worst on the first regular dance, but also retired as the first pair at the Discofox Marathon. Instead, Becker and Sinato were able to win this. In the jury ranking, he is the third dance pair to break the 200-point mark after eight episodes. Finally, Oliver Pocher and Christina Luft had to leave in the end because of the audience's voice. This is a comedian out, but eventually ends up in a dance with humor. Burecki with Vinokurov and Becker with Sinato also had to tremble to advance. But you can prove yourself again next week. Then it's time to "Come Dance!"

Episode 7 (May 10): Premiere at Let's Dance! While it's already the twelfth season of the popular RTL event called the "jury dance" took place for the first time. Celebrity candidates and their dance partners are divided into three teams and each is supported by a jury. Apart from ranking for regular dances, there are additional scores for team dances. Together, dance partners can reach a maximum of 50 instead of the previous 30 jury points. Actually Ella finally finished with Valentin Lusin. Professional singers and dancers came out of Pascal Hens and Ekaterina Leonova with a maximum score of 49 points. What is decisive but again is the audience's voice. Finally it was said: Sabrina Mockenhaupt and fellow dancer Erich Klann came out!

"Let's Dance" Decision

This is the overall score after the final

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Episode 6 (May 3): You have done it again! Singer Ella Endlich and former professional handball player Pascal Hens again received 30 points maximum from the jury. On the eve of "Lovesong", they are convincing with tango or contemporary, so they continue to stand out in the overall ranking. Things were not so good for Benjamin Piwko and Sabrina Mockenhaupt. With just 12 jury points each, they finished in the last place and Oliver Pocher did not score better with 13 points. In the end, however, the GZSZ actress Ulrike Frank had to leave – despite 23 good points. He and fellow dancer Robert Beitsch came out because there were too few audience members! But that's not all, fans are worried about Benjamin Piwko, who injured himself in the dance and lost in the announcement of the decision.

Episode 5 (April 26): After the dance break on Good Friday, the fifth episode continues with Tango, Charleston and Paso Doble. Of particular interest is the question of whether rather weak candidates such as Jungle Queen Evelyn Burdecki, singer Kerstin Ott and athlete Sabrina Mockenhaupt can use the time to improve further. And at least in the case of Burdecki and Mockenhaupt that happened. The Jungle Queen produced the best performance so far with 26 points and also long-distance runners came with 19 points. However, with Kerstin Ott, it seems clear that this will not be more. The judges once again scored only a few points and Joachim Llambi explained that he had abolished the singer for a long time. If you sign a contract to participate in "Let 's Dance" then you really have to want it, said Llambi. However, at Ott, this will was not felt, let alone seen. A clear statement taken by Ott and crying. He doesn't dance for points or judges. He danced for his fans, his wife and dance partner, Regina Luca. That's the most important thing. But does Ott have to leave the show?

Yes, he is out! The audience's voice is no longer enough to make the final rank in the jury ranking. Trembling Mockenhaupt still has, but he gets the next episode on May 3, another chance to prove himself. The same is true, of course, for eight other celebrity candidates who are still allowed to dream of the title "Star of Dancing 2019".

These are his farewell words: Oliver Pocher, thank you

This is his farewell words

Oliver Pocher has now reached his dream number thanks to "Let 's Dance"

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Good Friday, April 19: A Friday night without "Let 's Dance"? Yes, here. On Good Friday, popular RTL events fell, in many countries, dance restrictions apply. For ten candidates this means they can enjoy a long Easter weekend and have another week to prepare for the fifth regular episode. This will then be broadcast on April 26 as usual directly from 20.15 at RTL.

Episode 4 (April 12): Is in the second episode still in the 80s, followed in the fourth live show of the 90s. Eleven celebrity candidates danced for hits like "Heart to Heart" by Blümchen, "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia or "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M. Currently around the top 10. In the 90s specifically some couples could be convincing, but above all designers Barbara Becker with Massimo Sinato. For the tango to hit "Loosing My Religion" by R.E.M. The jury gave it almost perfect 29 points. On the other hand, singers Kerstin Ott, forest queen Evelyn Burdecki and athlete Sabrina Mockenhaupt were significantly less than 7, 10 and 16 jury points. In the final battle of boys against women, the men won with 8: 5 points. This score is credited to the jury points accordingly. The decision fell as usual by the voices of the RTL audience. Finally flown is Thomas Rath. For him, the adventure "Let 's Dance" has ended again.

Episode 3 (April 5): In the third live performance, once again Ella Endlich, who got the most points from the jury. However, with 28 points, there was one less point for the professional salsa Valentin Lusin compared to the previous week. Evelyn Burdecki dances for the best new personal. For the Forest Queen and her partners Evgeny Vinokurov, Motsi Mabuse, Jorge Gonzalez and Joachim Llambi, they scored a total of 15 points. However, in the jury rankings, this also means the third last place, only Sabrina Mockenhaupt (13 points) and Kerstin Ott (10 points) appear worse. In the end Barbara Becker, Lukas Rieger and Burdecki had to shake. Finally Lukas Rieger is found out with his partner, Katja Kalugina. The social media star is out and not in the coming week.

Come Dance at RTL: Kerstin Ott flies out and cheers - angry network

Let's Dance in RTL

Kerstin Ott flies out and cheers – the internet is angry

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Episode 2 (March 29): After kick-off, it continued for the remaining 13 celebrity candidates with "80s Special". Especially singer Ella Endlich and her fellow dancer, Valentin Lusin, can be convincing. For their contemporary "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush, there are 29 points maximum of 30 possible points from the jury. For comparison: There are only ten points for Kerstin Ott and professional dancer Regina Luca – but they are still with them. Finally, Ulrike Frank, Ozcan Cosar and Evelyn Burdecki had to leave. Escaped is Özcan Cosar!

By the way: With more than millions of viewers, this program celebrates a ranking victory on Friday!

Episode 1 (March 22): In the first regular episode was Ella Finally with Valentin Lusin (25 points) and Pascal Hens with Ekaterina Leonova (24 points), which convinced the judges especially from themselves. Instead, Evelyn Burdecki scored poorly with Evgeny Vinokurow and Sabrina Mockenhaupt with Erich Klann (ten jury points each). Coupled with the audience's voices were Sabrina Mockenhaupt, Oliver Pocher and Jan Hartmann, who had to shiver. Finally the one who flew out was Jan Hartmann.

RTL event

"Let 's Dance": These candidates dance to get a title

16 photos

Point Mode: How are candidates selected?

At first, the judges gave a ranking of up to ten points after each appearance. The maximum score for a dance match is 30 points. The jury ranking is then converted to rank so that pairs with a few points only get one point and the pair with the most points gets up to 14 points. The amount depends on the candidate pairs who are still in the race. For example, if only ten pairs are left, a maximum of ten points can be given. According to this principle, the audience's voice is then converted. Again, the couple with the fewest calls only gets one point and pairs with the most maximum possible call. Judges and audience ratings are then added together and the couple with the fewest points must leave Let 's Dance.

Which candidate is present in the twelfth "Let 's Dance" relay?

A total of 14 candidates took part in the "Let 's Dance" season. Celebrities at a glance:

  • Barbara Becker, ex-wife of tennis legend Boris Becker
  • Nazan Eckes, presenter and model
  • Ella Endlich, Pop and Schlager singer
  • Ulrike Frank, Actress ("Good times, bad times")
  • Lukas Rieger, pop singer
  • Thomas Rath, designer
  • Kerstin Ott, singer
  • Jan Hartmann, actor ("Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten")
  • Sabrina Mockenhaupt, a long distance runner
  • Benjamin Piwko, actor (deaf) ("Tatort: ​​Totenstille")
  • Oliver Pocher (Comedian)
  • Pascal Hens (former professional handball player)
  • Özcan Cosar (Comedian)
  • Evelyn Burdecki (Winner of Jungle Camp 2019)

RTL event

"Let 's Dance": This is a new season professional dancer

15 photos

Which professional dancers are there in 2019?

In 2019 we can look forward to established dancers such as Erich Klann, Kathrin Menzinger, Massimo Sinato and Christian Polanc. They all belong to 14 professionals who want to dance with celebrity candidates in the twelfth season for the title "Star of Dancing 2019". Isabel Edvardsson, who gave birth in 2017 and then stopped, also celebrated his return. Not included is Oana Nechiti. He changed the RTL format and became a member of the jury "Deutschland such as den Superstar". Professional dancer overview:

  • Marta Arndt (29, from Karlsruhe)
  • Robert Beitsch (27, from Berlin)
  • Katja Kalugina (25, from Berlin)
  • Erich Klann (31, from Borchen in NRW)
  • Ekaterina Leonova (31, from Cologne)
  • Regina Luca (30, from Karlsruhe)
  • Renata Lusin (31, from Dusseldorf)
  • Valentin Lusin (31, from Dusseldorf)
  • Kathrin Menzinger (30, from Vienna)
  • Christian Polanc (40, from Ingolstadt)
  • Massimo Sinató (38, from Mannheim)
  • Evgeny Vinokurov (28, from Frankfurt)
  • Isabel Edvardsson (36, from Hamburg)
  • Christina Luft (28, Frankfurt)

Dance performance at RTL

"Let 's Dance": This is a candidate pair

15 photos

Who dances with "Come on Dancing" with whom?

In the opening sequence it was decided which celebrities would dance with professionals in the coming weeks. Gradually, the following candidate pairs are announced:

  • Long distance runner Sabrina Mockenhaupt dances with Erich Klann
  • Ulrike actress Frank dances with Robert Beitsch
  • The singer Ella finally danced with Valentin Lusin
  • Former wife of Boris Becker, Barbara Becker dances with Massimo Sinato
  • Presenter Nazan Eckes danced with Christian Polanc
  • TV star Evelyn Burdecki dances with Evgeny Vinokurov
  • Singer Kerstin Ott dances with Regina Luca
  • Comedian Oliver Pocher dances with Christina Luft
  • Actor Benjamin Piwko danced with Isabel Edvardsson
  • Former professional soccer player Pascal Hens danced with Ekaterina Leonova
  • Pop singer Lukas Rieger dances with Katja Kalugina
  • Actor Jan Hartmann danced with Renata Lusin
  • Ozcan comedians Cosar dances with Marta Arndt
  • Designer Thomas Rath dances with Kathrin Menzinger

Matches for these candidates must be proven in twelve live shows on Friday at 8:15 p.m. at the RTL that they have what is needed for "Star of Dancing 2019".

naked photos

These German celebrity women go to Playboy

71 photos

Who sits on the jury in 2019?

"Never change the winning team" – this guiding principle also applies to RTL. The station relies on proven judges for Motsi Mabuse, Jorge Gonzalez and Joachim Llambi. They also condemned or condemned celebrity candidate dances this year. Especially Llambi, who recently spoke openly about photos of her beautiful daughter Katharina, known for her harsh and cruel criticism. This does not appeal to everyone, but is now part of the program.

"Come on Dancing" on TV: the broadcast date at a glance

Let 's Dance broadcast live every Friday at 8:15 a.m. at RTL. After the introductory show on March 15, twelve regular live performances are followed. Only on Good Friday (April 19) there is a pause. The final takes place on June 14. Overview of broadcast time:

  • March 15, 8:15 a.m.: "Let's Dance – Who Dances with Who? Great Preliminary Performances"
  • March 22, 8:15 a.m.: episode 1
  • March 29, 8:15 pm: episode 2
  • April 5, 8:15 a.m.: episode 3
  • April 12, 8:15 a.m.: episode 4
  • April 26, 8:15 a.m.: episode 5
  • May 3, 8:15 a.m.: episode 6
  • May 10, 8:15 a.m.: episode 7
  • May 17, 8:15 a.m.: episode 8
  • May 24, 8:15 a.m.: episode 9
  • May 31, 8:15 pm: episode 10
  • June 7, 8:15 a.m.: episode 11
  • June 14, 8:15 a.m.: episode 12 (end)

Difficulties in "Let 's Dance": Evelyn Burdecki shows what she is carrying underneath

Difficulties in "Let 's Dance"

Evelyn Burdecki shows what she wears underneath

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Who hosted Let & # 39; s Dance 2019?

Also in 2019 the RTL was held at the Victoria Swarovski / Daniel Hartwich moderation duo. And that even though the use of Swarovski was criticized a lot in their 2018 premier season. The reason for this might be that Swarovski himself lacks, but rather the separation regarding Sylvie Meis. The beautiful Dutch woman is said to have lost her moderate job, because her German is very wavy and her style is very woody. The RTL rejected the accusation, but the fans were still on Meis' side.

Is Let's Dance also online in live streaming?

Yes, but only for fees. RTL shows episodes on TV's NOW streaming streaming portal. This service is available for 4.99 euros per month. Hardcore fans can watch but also season 4 to 11 repeat.

"Come Dance" Candidate

Kerstin Ott – from painters to models for millions

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When will the Dance tour start?

This is the real premiere! In 2019's Dance aired for the first time. In 16 cities in Germany, the quality of professional dancers can be assessed, and famous judges from Motsi Mabuse, Jorge Gonzalez and Joachim Llambi will make their verdicts aired every night. Likewise, comedian Oliver Pocher will be part of a live tour. Tickets are available at all known ticket agents and this is the date and stop the tour:

  • 08.11.2019 Riesa, SAXONY arena
  • 09.11.2019 Dortmund, Westfalenhalle
  • 10.11.2019 Mannheim, SAP ARENA
  • 13.11.2019 Kiel, Sparkassen-Arena-Kiel
  • 14.11.2019 Dusseldorf, ISS DOME Dusseldorf
  • 15.11.2019 Nuremberg, ARENA NÜRNBERGER insurance
  • 16.11.2019 Leipzig, Arena – Leipzig
  • 19.11.2019 Braunschweig, Volkswagen Halle
  • 20.11.2019 Berlin, Mercedes-Benz Arena
  • 21.11.2019 Oberhausen, King Pilsener ARENA
  • 22.11.2019 Bremen, ÖVB-Arena
  • 24.11.2019 Hamburg, Barclaycard Arena
  • 26.11.2019 Hannover, TUI Arena
  • 27.11.2019 Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt Festhalle
  • 28.11.2019 Cologne, arena LANXESS
  • 29.11.2019 Munich, Olympiahalle Munich

Who was the winner before?

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Winners of eleven seasons to date include Wayne Carpendale (2006), Susan Sideropoulos (2007), Sophia Thomalla (2010), Maite Kelly (2011), Magdalena Brzeska (2012), Manuel Cortez (2013), Alexander Klaws (2014), Hans Sarpei (2015), Victoria Swarovski (2016), Gil Ofarim (2017) and Ingolf Lück (2018).

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