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"Vienna Blood": Barbara Eder staged a murder plot

Vienna (APA) – After his "second crime scene" case flickered on the screen recently, director Barbara Eder once again turned to crude material: with "Wiener Blut" he is currently filming a thriller for ORF and ZDF, where an Egyptian The history of the Vienna family developed into a murder plot. In front of your camera. Melika Foroutan, Harald Windisch and Florian Teichtmeister.

The story written by Martin Ambrosch ("The Dark Valley") has it all: As a prosecutor (Foroutan) called to commit suicide, revealing a very brutal plan, which focuses on three people living in a household Find a generation of women and a political conspiracy .

"I have rarely been offered a perfect scenario and rarely experience such extraordinary female characters in this way it is embedded in a very interesting thriller and relationship network," Eder was quoted on a press release Tuesday. "This topic is socially relevant, and at the same time the story is no less in Vienna's humor and cynicism."

Ambrosch in turn emphasized the main protagonist. "The political thriller in which a woman is a hero who cannot be attacked is rarely told on German-language TV. There has never been a single spectacle of male fantasies that are politically very extreme – and that is what attracted me. Wiener's" Broadcast " Blut "is planned for 2019.

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