Saturday , May 8 2021

Two people were injured in a four-vehicle collision at Mureck

Mureck (APA) – In a traffic accident involving four vehicles involved, two people were injured on Monday afternoon in Mureck (southeast of the Styria region). After a rear-end collision, a small truck collided with a moving truck, the fuel tank was damaged and about 400 liters of fuel ran out.

At first, a 35-year-old truck driver from Slovenia ignored two pickup trucks that stopped in front of him and pushed them. As a result of the collision, one small truck was thrown into a lane that approached and collided with a truck that was speeding before it was thrown onto the passing railroad tracks. In the event of a collision, the fuel tank from the upcoming truck is damaged and around 400 liters of diesel fuel is poured out, then the transfer of contaminated soil is carried out.

Two inmates from the small truck were injured in an unlimited level accident. Christophorus 12 rescue helicopter delivered 40 years to UKH Graz. A 47-year-old was treated at LKH Wagna by the Red Cross. Other drivers remain unharmed. Alkotest with all drivers involved negatively. The train system remains undamaged, but the railway line between Spielfeld-Straß and Bad Radkersburg must be closed for about two hours during the recovery period. The train replacement service has been arranged by ÖBB. About 25 Mureck, Ratschendorf and Gosdorf fire brigades, and Mureck road maintenance company are in action for cleaning work.

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