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69-year-old Dutchman Emile Ratelband wants to make 20 years younger in his passport. And isn't he right? Why stay true, where everything else can be exchanged?

There are things in this world that make sense at first, but certainly not the second. The Dutch Emile Ratelband, for example, was born on March 11, 1949, in the city of Arnhem, Gelderland province, which still plays a role. Emile Ratelband was not born on March 11, 1969, that is, 20 years later, the simple fact that Ratelband did not let go of sleep. Because Emile Ratelband feels younger, 20 years younger, and therefore wants to have the age felt in the passport: Finally 49 again! But that is not easy. The Arnhem registry failed once. Then Ratelband filed a lawsuit.

"It's true that Ratelband with 69 years actually only has a bad chance for Tinder," he said. Tinder is a dome portal where people can briefly examine the facts and appearance of potential sexual and life partners, and 69 years is definitely not a good fact. He also had two arguments for his passport request: Not only did he feel much younger, his personal doctor had also certified this to him. And can't you change everything now? Can registry office Arnhem him, motivational speaker and inventor of the motto "Tsjakkaa – you can do it!" really seriously forbid adjusting his age? Unfair! That's right, Mr. motivational speaker.

Humans are so free. Free, free, free. Why else is Botox created? Whitening? Braces? Breast enlargement or reduction? Toupees? Photoshop? Is Karl Lagerfeld still talking about boring age? And has Cat Stevens long called Yusuf Islam? Right. How could someone reject Emile Ratelband's desire, this fighter for human self-determination? This enemy of death. Death, who wants to do everything as a spoiler at the end, makes all the options come out so terrible. So in four weeks the judges will decide in the case of children aged 69- or 49 years.

Tsjakkaa, you can do it Emile! Trivia: What date of birth should you have on your tombstone now?

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