The naked stripper runs on the field at a soccer match


last Saturday The third league match between Rijnsburgse and AFC Amsterdam As a replacement. Suddenly, however, there was a disturbance when suddenly three balls were in the field. a Hot blonde stormed only wearing socks and shoes in the square, waving the Rijnsburgse flag.

Sexy scenery not only causes fans loud cheersbut also amused the players with whom the young woman touched. Incidentally, the folder did not materialize, the blonde left the field voluntarily after a short time.

Video via Pianeta Ultras / YouTube

Drivers are not very enthusiastic fans, but Stripper Foxy, which was involved by Rijnsburgse fans for an exciting appearance. hard sun will repeat such actions in any case.

By the way, Rijnsburgse doesn't have anything AFC Amsterdam won 6-2.

Photo: Screenshot via Pianeta Ultras / YouTube


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