The naked model of Micaela Schäfer strips at Abiball


He is known for his appearance that expresses and is loved by his fans. But when students order a model for their graduation, the school director goes too far.

Micaela Schäfer was wearing a high school ball in Austria Wels put on a strip and made it for excitement. After the actual ball from a higher technical federal education institution was ordered by the committee as D-Jane in a disco in the neighboring hall. Under the slogan "We make Maturaball great again", around 7,000 guests celebrate at the biggest Abitur ball in Austria. Many visitors then attended the Schäfer show in what was called Discohalle.

As reported by the Austrian APA news agency, the 34-year-old player only wore a small slip at the end of the event. But not all are happy with celebrity visits. "I'm not happy with that," said school director Bertram Geigl, "Upper Austrian News". "As a Higher Engineering College, we don't want to reduce the image of women to sexuality: women are the technicians of the future," he added. He now wants to tell the Provincial School Board about the incident.

He also pointed out that the school was not responsible for the performance, but the ball committee as the organizer. In retrospect, he himself learned about D-Jane's no-nonsense appearance.

On the video posted on Facebook by the organizer of Balls, you can finally see how the model dances on the stage without dancing on the stage. Schäfer is known for his revealing appearance. Among other things, breast enlargement made headlines, where he had his nipples reworked with a heart shape.


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