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The fourth day of the trial in the "Black Party Coffers" Cause is a golf trip on the Vienna Regional Court agenda for Criminal Issues. The former finance minister Karl-Heinz Grasser, who was not accused in the affair, and the defendants, former lobbyist Walter Meischberger and former Austrian board member Telekom Rudolf Fischer, had made this. Also present were Ernst Karl Plech property agents.

The reason for mentioning a trip to Spain was the plan to build a golf course in Vienna, which might be sponsored by Telekom Austria. For this purpose, in the spring of 2004, a golf professional was visited in San Sebastian in Spain to find out what they could build in Vienna, said Fischer. A golfer is also traveling. And Fischer admitted: "We also play golf."

Grasser, Meischberger, Fischer and Plech fly at their own expense with regular airlines, flying back on private aircraft – at the expense of the Austrian Telekom. Where Fischer did not make the bill in the amount of 11,940 euros to Telekom, but by Meischberger's company "ZehnVierzig" to the company Hochegger Valora, he paid for telecommunication money. "Why?", Judge Marion Hohenecker wanted to know. That "kinda happened" and "might not be happy," Fischer said.

Terrorist attacks as an excuse for private jets

The judge then insisted on explaining why a private plane was taken. Fischer explained that it happened during a golf trip on Friday afternoon for a terrorist attack in Madrid, where Fischer wanted to return on Monday at the telecommunications headquarters, because he had made the experience that after the attack, telecommunications networks were heavily burdened. Because of this, he asked Meischberger to use his contacts to arrange private aircraft. He does not agree with Telekom. However, a terrorist attack took place on March 11, 2004 – Thursday morning.

After the trip to Spain, Judge Hohenecker was dedicated on Tuesday for payment to the FPÖ party organ "Neue Freie Zeitung". Fischer said that Minister Hubert Gorbach had called him and asked for support from FPÖ. About Meischberger then sponsored the sponsor of "New Free Newspaper" and settled in Valora. He promised around 150,000 euros, said Fischer. "With this sponsor, the promise of care for the political landscape is in the foreground," Fischer said. "For me, this is not a party contribution without consideration, I see it as an investment in the future."

That afternoon brought further sponsorship requests to light. So Fischer said that once a minister came to him with a request to sponsor a chicken flying distance championship. While Fischer stressed that he refused, the description made by Judge Hohenecker for laughter included tears of laughter.

Fischer did not want to say who the Minister was. At that time, however, "Kleine Zeitung" was able to report: "A long-distance championship for chickens on Längsee, three heavy classes will come. The Reichhold Minister of Transportation makes honorary patronage." Subsequently, on August 19, 2002, the newspaper reported that the host of the event, the local bread club, and all animal-friendly, was certified by a veterinarian. The first three chickens avoid fate to become Backhendl.

Poultry farmers Carinthian Mathias Reichhold took his position as Minister of Transportation in 2002, then he was also chairman of the FPÖ for a short time. He resigned his position as Minister of Transportation after about a year.

Just a glance

The Telecoms case of Valora is part of a much more complicated trial for alleged corruption in the privatization of Buwog and the leasing of tax authorities at the Terminal Tower in Linz. Today is 62nd day in the process, or the fourth day with the fact that Valora Telecoms inserted.

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