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Two ministers in one week: According to Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) today, Justice Minister Josef Moser (ÖVP) was invited as an informant on the controversial house search inquiry committee at the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Anti-Terrorism (BVT). Previously, Moser had repeatedly criticized and offered to change the prosecutor's law. The main prosecutor is currently being questioned by the Office of the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor's Office (WKStA), Ursula Schmudermayer. This is the third appearance on the U-committee.

However, Moser did not criticize the court or interior department on the U-committee. At least indirect; but at least he found some unusual things. So Moser said he was aware there were no other cases where a Ministry employee had contacted the prosecutor to demand arrest. This was alleged by Udo Lett, the closest collaborator of the Secretary General of the Interior Ministry Peter Goldgruber.

Moser wants a change in complicated investigations

In many cases, Moser refers to the jurisdiction of prosecutors, who repeatedly say that there is a need to change when dealing with sensitive issues. In particular, he considered it "wise" if the prosecutor's office (OStA) was involved in investigations of special interest institutions. In the BAT case, this did not occur because the law did not provide it. Journalists must be notified in writing in the future of Moser's ideas, which did not occur in BVT Causes, even before the home search was approved. Orally, being fine should only be possible if life and limbs are in danger.

From the pressure of investigation in the affairs of Moser out. Otherwise, there may not be a request for a late night home search. Above all, Lett should make pressure to announce suspension.

Moser had instructed a separate group at Korneuburg prosecutors at the end of the summer to re-examine the BVT investigation procedure. There are no results here. That was said to be very comprehensive, said the Minister, who also recalled various advertisements in this case, with several defendants, other suspects and others just as indicated. Influenced by this are all kinds of people involved in the affair – from public prosecutor Ursula Schmudermayer who was responsible to director Kickl and BVT Peter Gridling to Goldgruber.

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